10 Quick and Easy Summer Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are one of the best ways to get in a ton of nutrients year round, but they are especially refreshing on a hot summer day. Whether you’re craving a basic fruit smoothie or something more decadent and filling, here are 10 quick and easy smoothie recipes that will keep you cool all summer long.

10 Quick and Easy Summer Smoothie Recipes


Happy Digestion Green Smoothie Packs– Prepping smoothie packs are a great way to help you stay on track with healthy breakfasts or snacks. Just dump everything in the blender, add liquid and blend until smooth. This recipe packs in healthy enzymes and probiotics to help keep your digestion in tip top shape.


The Best Strawberry Banana Smoothie– You can’t go wrong with a classic and it doesn’t get much better than this simple strawberry banana smoothie. Drizzled honey and vanilla extract enhances the flavor of the fruit in the best way possible.


Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie – If you’re craving a more decadent smoothie, this one featuring frozen cherries and chocolate protein powder will be right up your alley. It’s incredibly simple yet satisfying.


Refreshing Blueberry Basil Smoothie– Basil might sound like a strange ingredient to put in your smoothie but trust me when I say it is SO refreshing. Combined with sweet juicy blueberries, it makes for one fantastic summer drink.


Creamy Peach Smoothie – Frozen peaches give this smoothie a rich and creamy texture. Although the recipe calls for dairy yogurt and the option for whey protein, you can easily make it vegan with dairy-free yogurt and plant-based protein powder.


Kiwi Smoothie– Made with fresh kiwi, this smoothie uses coconut milk for an extra fruity kick. I love the deep green hue it gets from the sneaky greens packed inside.


Creamy Raspberry Chip Smoothie– Featuring frozen raspberries and cocoa nibs, you’ll feel almost like you’re devouring ice cream in a drink. Top with salty granola for the ultimate summer snack or dessert.


Strawberry Mango Spinach Smoothie – Need a way to use up fresh strawberries that are about to go bad?Throw them in this green smoothie for a nutrient packed breakfast or snack.


Hydrating Watermelon Mint Smoothie– Made with fresh watermelon, cucumber, and mint, this light and simple smoothie is the perfect summer treat to keep you hydrated.


Tahini Date Smoothie Bowl– Frozen bananas give this smoothie bowl a creamy base while dates and tahini come together for a magical flavor combination that’s packed with nutrients. Whether you make it as a smoothie or a smoothie bowl, you will devour every bit of this cool treat!