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Hi there! I’m Sarah, the girl behind the lens and keyboard of this site. I’m so happy you’re here!

The main focus of my blog is to share approachable and seasonal vegetarian recipes to inspire a healthy lifestyle. I’m a self taught cook without any formal training but I only share recipes that my husband and I truly love. If I don’t think it’s worth making a second time then I don’t post it.

Outside of cooking, I love spending time with nature and traveling as much as possible. From time to time, I’ll share posts that include our experiences exploring California or the different places we’ve been to overseas.

My inspiration

My passion for healthy food started when I was in college, studying healthcare sciences during the day and working in a restaurant at night. As a student I observed an alarming amount of disease and heartbreak through my clinical experiences. Some of the illnesses were things that were out of anyone’s control, but many were simply a result of lifestyle choices. Around the same time my husband brought to my attention what was taking place behind that scenes at many factory farms across the country and we both decided to become vegetarians.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 108

Between trying to balance a busy schedule and the desire to give up eating meat, we often consumed a lot processed meat alternatives. Even though we were eating a vegetarian diet, it wasn’t necessarily healthy and I didn’t feel great. I decided that if I wanted to improve the way I felt, I was going to have to take the time to cook meals made from wholesome ingredients.

From there I spent time researching plant-based proteins and started making recipes based around those options. My passion for creating new recipes grew immensely and I found myself falling in love with food. I hope you enjoy the recipes and are able to find something that inspires you too!

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