Fresh Ginger Oatmeal Crumb Muffins  #glutenfree

I feel like these muffins should come with a warning.

Like, be prepared to eat at least two in one sitting. Maybe even three. I’m telling ya, they’re dangerous.

In the best way possible. :)

Fresh Ginger Oatmeal Crumb Muffins  #glutenfree

The inspiration for these delightful muffins came from a fresh ginger oat-cake-thingy (that’s the best way I know how to describe it) that I tried recently at Blue Bottle Coffee Company in San Francisco. I was in the city for an appointment and on my way back to my car, I popped in for a juice and something halfway decent (nutrition-wise) to shove in my face for my forty-five minute commute home.

Most of the time when I buy something from a bakery, I’ll eat just a third or a half and save the rest for later because I know it’s loaded with unnecessary calories and sugar. But this time, it was so good that I couldn’t help reaching into the passenger seat for the brown paper bag so that I could take just one more bite. Until the whole thing was gone.

Fresh Ginger Oatmeal Crumb Muffins  #glutenfree

I can’t describe it exactly but it had a slightly chewy texture from oats and walnuts and the flavor of the fresh ginger was so addicting that I just couldn’t control myself. Read More


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