Black Bean Pecan Tacos with Lime Pepita Cream- a healthy option for taco night that will knock your socks off! #vegan

I know a red, white and blue dessert would be much more fitting, considering the upcoming holiday weekend, but waiting another week to share these with you would be ludicrous! With a capital L.

So it’s okay, go ahead and enjoy your hot dogs and hamburgers, baked beans, potato saladcoleslaw and maybe even a little festive dessert. But when you get back to your normal routine in your kitchen, you’re definitely going to want to make these bad boys.

They’re packed with fiber, iron, antioxidants and protein, AND they taste incredible.

Black Bean Pecan Tacos with Lime Pepita Cream- a healthy option for taco night that will knock your socks off! #vegan

So let’s talk about how easy they are to make! Because I know you guys are like me and you appreciate a healthy plant-based meal that doesn’t take seventy-two years to cook.

First off, using a food processor for this recipe saves a ridiculous amount of time so I hope you’ve got one. It’s my most used kitchen appliance and I don’t know what I would do without it.

To make the filling all you have to do is throw everything into that little magical bowl and pulse a few times, until it’s all mixed together and has a slightly chunky texture.

Black Bean Pecan Tacos with Lime Pepita Cream- a healthy option for taco night that will knock your socks off! #vegan

Then you place the mixture on a baking sheet and cook it in the oven for 15 minutes and VOILA!

Your delicious black bean pecan taco “beef” is ready to go.


Pretty awesome, right?

The filling isn’t really spicy, there’s just a hint from the jalapeno, but if you have little ones and you’re worried about it being too much then you can just leave it out.

Now of course, any good taco has a few toppings so we can’t leave those out. Rather than using dairy cream or cheese, you can make a super healthy plant-based cream from soaked pumpkin seeds, lime juice and a pinch of salt. Again, just throw everything into the processor (or blender) and blend until smooth.


It’s crazy simple and SO delicious!

In addition to the lime pepita cream, I also topped them with my Chipotle-inspired corn salsa and some diced roma tomatoes. All together it made for the best taco I think I’ve ever had. They’re seriously that good! Read More


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