Alright you guys, this is the beginning of a fun series that I’ll be running while I’m away from my kitchen for the next two weeks. As I’ve said before, I always find it interesting to sneak a peek at what a normal day is like for a food blogger so I reached out to a few of my favorites and asked them to show us what goes on behind the lens, including what they eat on a regular basis.

First up is the ridiculously talented and hilarious Julia from The Roasted Root! With two beautiful cookbooks under her belt, she makes success in the world of food blogging look like a walk in the park. She also follows a gluten-free diet with a strong emphasis on vegetables (hence the name roasted root) and is always cooking up something amazing in her kitchen. A few of my recent favorites are her butternut squash pancakes and these almond butter pumpkin bars. Yummay.

Okay, so without further adieu, here’s what a day looks like for the lovely Miss Julia!


Hey MTFH-ers! I’m Julia from The Roasted Root, stepping in to say hello while Sarah is traveling. She asked me to tell you about a normal day in my life. In case you don’t know me, I’m a full-time food blogger (and freelance writer, recipe developer, and photographer), which means my schedule can vary depending on the projects I have going on. I love the fact that my days are always different, yet always include some combination of writing, photographing, and/or cooking, which I’m super passionate about. I feel lucky that I love the work I do and enjoy my flexible schedule.

Here’s what it looks like in a day of me:


I wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 am. Just like Sarah, the first thing I do every morning is drink a full glass of water. I then immediately stumble to the coffee pot and stand in front of it until my coffee is ready. This is true obsession, people. I pour my liquid gold into a big ass mug and power on the ol’ laptop.

Wanna see a weird selfie? Does it look like I’m peeved or under-caffeinated? I just don’t selfie very well:

weird selfie

While I check my email, make sure my blog isn’t broken, and read other blogger’s posts, I drink my daily two or three cups of Joe. As the caffeine begins kicking in, I plan my day based on which projects I have going and when they’re due. [click to continue…]

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