Dinner at Be Love Farm

Dinner at Be Love Farm                               _

This past weekend Brandon and I had the opportunity to experience our first farm-to-table dinner at Be Love Farm in Vacaville.

I had first heard about the dinners during one of our visits to Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley and immediately thought it would be something that we would love to do. The fact that they serve a completely organic and vegetarian (or vegan upon request) meal is perfect for our meatless diet too. The cows on the farm produce milk for cheese but outside of that, they live a long and happy life! :)

Dinner at Be Love Farm                    _

The owners of the 21-acre farm, Matthew and Terces Engelhert, are also the founders of the Café Gratitude franchise and Gracias Madre in San Francisco. During the productive summer season Be Love supplies nearly 50 percent of all the produce consumed at their restaurants.

Once a month from April to November they open their doors and welcome the public in for a cozy home cooked meal.

Dinner at Be Love Farm                      _

We got there around 5pm as everyone gathered into their home for lemon and fennel infused water along with their own red wine and a selection of Terces’ handmade cheeses.

I didn’t drink very much because I was battling the end of a sinus infection but from what I was able to taste, the wine was delicious!


Dinner at Be Love Farm         _

Dinner at Be Love Farm              _


Dinner at Be Love Farm           _

In addition to the cows, they have about five dogs who I thought did surprisingly well with such a large group of strangers.

The smallest one was really attached to Matthew and followed him everywhere as he showed us around the farm. He was so cute! I wanted to steal him and take him home.

Dinner at Be Love Farm_

Dinner at Be Love Farm _

After taking in a short preview of the documentary that the Engelhert’s son produced called Kiss the Ground, we all went out for a tour of the farm.

Dinner at Be Love Farm               _


They have their own vineyards and an orchard with over 2,000 fruit and nut trees including figs, pecans, walnuts, chestnuts, peaches, mulberries (pictured below) and even goji berries!

Dinner at Be Love Farm                           _

Dinner at Be Love Farm  _

The most impressive collection were the almond trees which Matthew said were currently getting a bad reputation due to their water consumption. However, he mentioned that if you take into account the amount of nutrients and calories that are yielded per gallon of water, they’re actually not all that bad.


Dinner at Be Love Farm    _

As we walked around there must have been at least fifty chickens roaming all throughout the farm. They were producing so many eggs that Matthew and Terces were selling them for just $6 a dozen which is a steal for pasture-raised organic eggs around here.

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