15 One-Pot Plant-Based Meals

I know you guys love one-pot meals as much as I do! The less the dishes there are to wash in the world, the better.

I’ve made it my mission to develop as many one-pot or one-skillet meatless recipes as I possibly can over the years and I’m pretty stoked with the collection I have so far. Of course I plan to continue my mission but for the sake of accessibility I wanted to put together a round-up so that they would be easier to find.

I hope you see something you like and that it helps make your life a little bit easier. Enjoy!

One-Pot Vegan White Bean Shakshuka

“This was excellent! I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Israeli food but I will definitely be making this again. It was super easy and quick to put together which is essential when you have a 2 year old. Thank you!” -Mallory 


One-Pot Golden Lentil Curry

“Enjoyed this dish! I didnt have chard so I substituted spinach and also substituted red chili powder instead of traditional chili powder for more of a kick. My North Indian husband is usually not a fan of dishes with coconut milk but this one he gave a thumbs up.” -Betsy


One-Pot Lentil Taco Skillet

“NEW FAMILY FAVORITE!!!! All 5 LOVED this recipe and asked for it to be put into my binder without me even saying anything! Scout also asked for a printout to add to his book so that they can make it on a future campout! THANK YOU! I have been searching for recipes just like these… can’t wait to try more!” -G


One-Pot Coconut Mung Bean Stew

“This came out great. I did serve it on rice just to make it go further. Camryn ate her whole bowl and wanted seconds — haha! Thanks for introducing me to a new ingredient.” -Kelli


One-Pot Spanish Quinoa

“Made this recipe yesterday and it’s amazing!! So easy, tasty and pretty! It will be a go to for meal prep from here on out and would also make a nice dish to bring to a potluck. I’ve already had several people ask me for the recipe just by seeing a picture of it haha” -Karina


One-Pot Red Lentil Sweet Potato Stew

“Made it for dinner tonight and it turned out SO GOOD. The sweet potato balances out the warming spices perfectly. I will make again, for sure!” -Lauren


One-Pot Summer Vegetable Skillet Lasagna

“I doubled the recipe and used twice as much cherry tomatoes because who doesn’t love more sauce!? I tossed in some baby spinach at the end.  So yummy! Definitely will make this many times over.” -Sooz


One-Pot African Peanut Stew

“I’m new to vegan. Made this for dinner. It was SO good!! I will be keeping this recipe to make over and over again. My three year old went for seconds. Thank you!” -Amanda


One-Pot Vegetable Thai Red Curry

“This is one of my fave all time go to recipes. Right now, I’m printing out a copy to send to my brother, who also loves these flavors. I don’t care for tamari, and use soy sauce instead and it’s so light and wonderful and filling and oh God, yummy.” -Mamacass


One-Pot Chickpea Tikka Masala

“Made this tonight and the whole family enjoyed it! Definitely one of my new go-to recipes. I accidentally added the entire can of coconut milk because I’m a klutz but it still turned out delicious. Thank you!!!” -Meghan


One-Pot Lemon Pasta with Greens and Sundried Tomatoes

“Just finished making this delicious super easy meal! I have a huge garden of swiss chard and kale so I did a little afternoon harvest and found this little recipe. It came out delicious! Thank you so much! :)” -Athina


One-Pot Zucchini Pasta

“OMG this was so yummy and very flavourful. I baked a salmon steak marinated in lemon and dill and added it to everything. Absolutely delicious. Will be making this regularly. Thanks Sarah for this amazing dish.” -Lisa


One-Pot Spinach Dal

“Delicious! This recipe has the perfect spice kick. The second time I made it I substituted broccoli for the split peas and enjoyed it just as much.” -Alexis


One-Pot Tomato Basil Quinoa


One-Pot Vegan Pumpkin Chili