Second Trimester Update + Favorites

Second Trimester Update

I can’t believe I’m officially in the 3rd trimester! The 2nd trimester flew by compared to the 1st trimester. Once I hit 14 weeks the nausea finally subsided and my energy levels came back. Now I know what they mean when they say the 2nd trimester is the honeymoon stage.

Most of my time during this stage has been spent trying to get ahead with content so that I can focus my full attention on the baby once he arrives. I’m aiming for a full 3 months (with just one recipe per week) but we’ll see how it goes. Between that, preparing the nursery and taking childbirth/parenting classes, our plates have been plenty full. I’m definitely looking forward to relaxing with cozy newborn snuggles in a few months!

second trimester favorites


  1. Heartburn Stop– Although the nausea finally subsided in the second trimester (hallelujah), it was replaced with some pretty intense heartburn. I was downing TUMS like candy at first but then I realized that the ingredient list has a bunch of unnecessary additives which doesn’t appeal to me considering I’m eating them pretty frequently. I found this option and the texture is a little more gritty but they taste fine and work just as good as TUMS.
  2. Zoe Organics Body Oil– I used a different stretch mark cream in my first trimester but I decided to try this brand and I absolutely love it. The body oil goes on really easy, however, of the two I prefer the scent of the belly butter. Either way they are both great products and I’ll definitely be sticking with this brand throughout the 3rd trimester.
  3. Pregnancy Pillow– I was hoping I could get away without purchasing one of these but as someone who ends up on her back throughout the night, I was having anxiety that I might hurt the baby in my sleep. I realize that’s kind of silly but it made me feel better to have a pillow that would keep me from laying flat on my back. I do wish it was a little longer and fluffier but I like that it’s OEKO-TEX Certified and made without memory foam which most of the other options aren’t.
  4. Amazon Dress– Now that I’ve grown out of almost everything I own (fun!), I’ve been trying to find things that I can wear now but also down the road when I’m not pregnant. This dress is perfect because it’s super comfy, affordable, and I love that it’s double lined for a smooth fit.
  5. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth– I’m aware that childbirth never goes as planned but my goal is to have an unmedicated birth, if possible. Of course I’ll still be delivering at a hospital but I want to trust that my mind and body can do it without any medical interventions (even if it doesn’t work out that way in the end). With that in mind, this book was super helpful in offering reassurance and guidance for labor and delivery. The stories are so powerful and have helped me feel slightly more prepared for what’s to come.
  6. Fit Pregnancy Club Workouts- I get bored with home workouts really quick so I decided to switch from the Baby 2 Body App and give this online program a try. It’s gentle but still gets your heart pumping and I like that it focuses on specific postures to help with pregnancy and labor.
  7. Maternity Yoga Shorts– Another Amazon find, these shorts are just $17 and are so comfortable! I bought two pairs and I wear them almost every single day. I should probably get more but like I said, I’m trying my best not to buy a lot of maternity clothes.
  8. Maternity Belt– I started having SI joint pain around 20 weeks and read that a maternity belt can help relieve some of the pressure being put on your joints. I don’t wear it every day but I like that it helps support my growing belly and takes pressure off of my bladder too.


Weeks 15 through 17- Feeling pretty good so far! Energy drops in the afternoon and my belly feels huge by the end of the day which I think is mostly from bloating. Having CRAZY dreams. Currently craving sourdough french toast. Yum.

Weeks 17 through 19– Energy is great right now! Drinking 34 ounces of water first thing in the morning helps. If it weren’t for my big belly and the frequent heartburn, sometimes I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant. 

Weeks 19 through 21– Started prenatal yoga this week and am loving it. Noticed SI Joint pain at 20 weeks. Wearing a belt and sleeping with a pregnancy pillow plus two more pillows in between my arms and legs seems to help. Feels like I’m sleeping in a nest but it works. Had our anatomy ultrasound at 21 weeks and thankfully he looks perfectly healthy. A little on the large side which explains my *very* round belly but I’m feeling so grateful for the good news!

Weeks 21 through 23– The heat is starting to make me swell which is kind of freaky. Feels like I’m wearing ankle weights and I almost couldn’t get my wedding ring off. Looks like I won’t be wearing that until it cools down. My sweet tooth has returned with a vengeance. Perfect for testing upcoming holiday dessert recipes. ;)

Weeks 23 through 25– Starting to feel him kick every day now which is so fun and reassuring. I’ve also been somewhat tired and craving Beyond Burgers which makes me wonder how my iron levels are doing. Nursery is coming together little by little. I feel so indecisive because I want it to be perfect. Have to remind myself progress is better than perfection!

Weeks 25 through 28– Did my glucose test this week. FUN. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I passed so that’s awesome. My iron levels are normal. All good news! Heartburn is next level. Growing out of all of my clothes but don’t want to buy anything since I know it will be cold soon. Or at least I hope it will be cold soon…


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