Working Out at Home

Remember that post I did about feeling stressed out over not having time to cook, photograph, blog, and all that other stuff?

You know, the one with all of the pictures of me with my eyes closed?


Well, I think I figured out why I was really feeling so stressed out. Click this link and you’ll see what I mean.

Seriously though, I have realized that my real problem is not the blog…it’s my job. Ha…ha…hahahahahaha. Disappointed smile

I honestly love my job, but since we have relocated to California, I have added a decent commute to my daily routine in order to actually get to work.


My commute on average is about 45 minutes each way but every other day some days it can fluctuate up to 75 minutes depending on the number of idiots on the road. Road rage? Who, me? No…(Note: If you are thinking of moving to the San Francisco Bay area, be forewarned, the traffic is bad. Really bad.)

Because I am a major group fitness lover, I try to attend classes at my gym as much as I can, but the traffic here is so crazy that I can barely make it to one class a week.


And when I am able to make it to the gym (which is usually with 5 minutes to spare before Body Pump starts) there is absolutely zero parking and I have to drive around for 10 minutes waiting for someone to leave. Yeah, I have to be that person who slowly creeps behind people as they walk to their car, praying that they are actually leaving and that they didn’t just forget their iPod.

The only other option they have is to valet park. Who in the world valet parks their car at the gym?!?  That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

Although I am still finding the blog consumes a lot of my time, I truly enjoy it. So it is a good stress.

Missing my daily workout routine because I am sitting in traffic? Bad stress.


What I am getting at here is that the time has come to cancel my gym membership. No more Body Attack…no more Body Pump…nada. Crying face

Instead I have decided to start taking advantage of the late sunsets and the (mostly) beautiful weather we have here by working out at home.


Not a bad view for a daily run, huh?

There are also tons of flowering trees in my neighborhood right now that I can’t get enough of.


Does anyone know what these are called? They look like carnations to me, but those don’t grow on trees!?!


Besides outdoor cardio, I am also planning on doing some weight lifting at home.

I went ahead and purchased an incline weight bench which my wonderful handsome put together for me. In love

new 010

Gigi supervised to make sure everything went okay during the process.

new 011

I also invested in some dumbbells to get started with.

new 022

A Few Pros to Working Out at Home:

1. The obvious: Working out on my own schedule and saving money not paying monthly gym dues.

2. Incorporating extra long walks with my dogs everyday to help them lose a few pounds. Coco said she was okay showing you her problem area.

new 060

3. Trying new workout DVD’s to keep things interesting.

new 061

5. Customizing my workouts to my liking, such as a little extra tush-lifting work, if you know what I mean. Winking smile



6. Wearing old, raggedy clothes if I want to. No more breaking the bank with Lululemon!

new 056

7. Free sweat cleanings from Gigi while I do my core work on the floor.


8. Letting dinner cook in the oven while breaking a sweat in the living room.

9. Avoiding gross germs that people bring in and out of the gym. Ew…

10. Since I will be saving on monthly gym dues, I may splurge on a few hot yoga classes here and there to help me sweat things out!

new 027

Okay, now that I listed everything that is great about working out at home, I feel better about my decision. Smile

I am also looking forward to sharing reviews of each DVD I try in case others are looking for something new.


Do you workout at home? What helps to keep you motivated?