Hiking Sunol

Thoughts of what happened in Boston are still on my mind but I am so proud of everyone who has pulled together to help one another during this tragedy. The good among us continues to remain stronger than the evil and will always prevail during times of need.


I am planning on a nice long run this evening in honor of the Boston victims and will have to wear yellow and blue as the only race shirt I have is from 2008 which Gigi stole from me.

Gigi in 5k Shirt

She was so young in this picture! Notice how brown her face is?  Gosh, they grow up so fast…Sad smile

Hopefully, a few cute puppy pictures will brighten your day a little!

On Sunday afternoon, we decided to load up the girls and head over to Sunol Wilderness Park to enjoy the great weather we had here over the weekend. These two love going for a ride in the car!


Gigi always sticks her head over my shoulder as we drive along and I kind of love it.


Just no kisses on the lips please!!

Coco is more of a free spirit and likes to stick her head out of the sunroof to feel the wind in her face.IMG_0882

It’s pretty funny to watch her lips flap up while she’s doing it…


After a short drive in Brandon’s old beater car, we made it to Sunol Wilderness Park and paid the $5 entrance fee plus an extra $2 per dog.


We decided to check out Canyon View Trail which is a 1.39 mile hike (one way). We had to keep it short because these two are getting old and can only handle so much fun in one day. Winking smile


The trail started out beneath the trees and ran beside a little creek with many shaded picnic tables along side of it.

sunol 261

sunol 254

sunol 257

It was flat for the first half mile or so but eventually, it became a steep uphill hike.

sunol 236

sunol 241

sunol 227

After a while, it brought us out into the open to take in the view of the surrounding hills.

sunol 244

sunol 242

sunol 243

I had heard the wildflowers in Sunol were really nice so I brought the DSLR to snap a few pictures of them.


sunol 220

sunol 222

sunol 235

sunol 246

There weren’t as many as I had hoped but they were still nice to see.

Once Fluffy and Stinky started to look a little tired, we found a nice shady tree to stop and give them water under.

sunol 237

Per usual, they drank out of one bowl.

sunol 229

Gigi was extra thirsty and kept going back for more.

sunol 231

sunol 247

She managed to get water all over her face too. Sloppy pup.

sunol 248

We hiked for a little while longer, taking breaks along the way so that the girls didn’t get overworked.

sunol 225

sunol 228

sunol 239

Once we reached the end of the trail, we turned back around and called it a day.


It was nice to take a break to get some fresh air and a little exercise in our Sunday afternoon. We really enjoyed hiking in Sunol and would love to go there again sometime in the future.


See you soon with a new recipe!


Do you like to go hiking? Where is your favorite place to hike?