Paris I

Just hearing the word Paris puts me in a dreamy, relaxed state of mind that invites romance.

Paris 001

When I traveled here in the summer of 2009, I had no idea what awaited me. I knew there would likely be delicious croissants. And the Eiffel Tower, of course. But I never could have imagined how amazing this place would actually be in person.

The history, culture, and romance of the city is easily palpable as you stroll along the streets.

Paris 141

Because there were so many wonderful things about Paris, I am separating our trip into a few posts. I just can’t fit all of the things to see and do into one!

To start, I want to share one of the most famous and breathtaking sites to see.

Paris 148

From all different points of the city, the Eiffel tower manages to pop up and draw in your attention. It is hard not to stop and point and say “Look, there it is!!”

Paris 131

Sometimes, it will show up in the most subtle of ways…

Paris 272

And the feeling of relaxing in the grass as the sun sets and staring up at it is truly indescribable.

Paris 153

Paris 392

Up close, the tower looks so much different than I would have imagined.

Paris 132

R 071

R 074

I also wasn’t expecting soldiers with machine guns to be surrounding it…

R 077

Once you are up in the Eiffel tower you are able to see the city from an aerial view that reminds you how big Paris really is.

R 088

R 090

R 087

R 089

R 084

Another great thing to do is take a cruise down the Seine river. It is so relaxing to cruise along the water and take in all of the architecture and culture around you.

Paris 103

Paris 109

Paris 116

Paris 128

Paris 121

Paris 113

And you get to enjoy bubbly French champagne during the ride…

Paris 114

If you get to go to Paris, the Eiffel Tower and a Seine river cruise are both must-dos!


Have you ever been to Paris? What was your favorite thing to do there?