Breakfast in Berkeley

Hi there! I hope you all had a nice weekend which included some Super Bowl fun, if that’s what you like.

On Friday night, I went here after work…


Maybe you were expecting a bar or nice restaurant? Nope. I go grocery shopping every Friday night. It’s exciting stuff! Winking smile

While I was there, I managed to find some good looking organic strawberries for under $5.00 for the first time in a while so I made sure not to pass them up.

sunday 019

I enjoyed them with my breakfast Saturday morning.

sunday 021

On Sunday morning, breakfast involved a short trip to Berkeley to check out a little French place known as La Note.



They were on a 25 minute wait when we got there so we took first available and ended up on the patio they have in the back.




It was a little chilly but I found a seat in the sun to keep me warm.


The branches beside me were rose bushes that had been trimmed back for the winter. I would love to come back here in spring or summer to see how pretty it is when everything is in bloom.

La Note has a large menu with a ton of tempting options.


It was so hard to choose, but my eye kept going back to the Brioche Pain Perdu (french toast made with cinnamon brioche). On the menu it states that Pain Perdu means “lost bread” and was traditionally prepared in the South of France on Easter feast days. Hmm…how about that?

Brandon ordered a black coffee and I went with La Pagnol which consisted of Perrier, orange juice and cranberry juice.


For our meal, we ordered an Omlette de Pomme de Terre (an opened faced omelet with caramelized onions and potatoes served with a side of Provencales tomatoes)


The brioche french toast which they dip in orange-water batter and drizzle with lavender honey. It was so good…


And a single lemon gingerbread pancake topped with poached pears


Everything was incredibly delicious! There were so many other things I wanted to try on the menu but I had to narrow it down if there was any hope of walking out of the restaurant without having to use some kind of assistive device.

After breakfast we made a quick run to a nearby shopping area in Berkeley.




We perused the Crate & Barrel Outlet store for a few minutes and I managed to find a few new plates at a good price.


We also saw some pretty cool produce along the way.



But the real reason we went there was so I could restock on some of my favorite Kiehl’s products.

sunday 323

sunday 325

The Olive Oil Hair Pak is my favorite hair mask and it smells sooo good. I also picked up a travel size lotion for our trip to Tahoe next week and a few free samples.

After that we took the tunnel home and made a quick pit stop which had a beautiful view of the hills.



Being from a state as flat as Florida, I am constantly in awe of the hills surrounding me now. I just think it’s so beautiful.

Once we came home, I started dinner while Brandon made some yummy guacamole (which he made sure to make presentable for a blog photo).

sunday 331

sunday 333

It turned out perfect! Gigi was tired from her long day and fell asleep in the kitchen with us while we cooked.

sunday 310

My precious baby.

After cooking, I poured myself one of my favorite beers and we settled in for the evening to watch the Super Bowl.

beer 003

It was a great weekend full of scrumptious breakfast food (which happens to be my favorite meal) and nice weather!