Cochem, Germany

When I first thought of creating a blog, I knew I wanted to include travel since it is something I am very passionate about. Exploring new things and taking in beautiful scenery helps to create feel good endorphins which I think add to a healthy life.

So, I want to dedicate Tuesdays to travel. A day to remember where I have been and dream of where I want to go. A day to mentally escape from reality and visually explore new possibilities or revisit the great places from my past.

With my first travel post I would like to look back at an incredible little town in Germany that Brandon I visited while he was working in France in the summer of 2009. Neither of us had ever heard of it and probably never would have if it weren’t for a colleague and friend of his who is from Germany. Mustapha and his adorable family drove us through the winding, sometimes terrifying roads that eventually led to the beautiful town of Cochem.

C 069

C 023

C 007

C 042

Cochem is a traditional German town nestled in the green hills along the Mosel river in Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. Most of the homes there are half-timbered meaning much of the wood framing is exposed.

C 015

C 016

C 014

As you walk along the cobblestone streets past  the authentic bakeries, restaurants, and B&B’s, you will find ally ways that lead to even more quaint little shops.

C 045

C 040

And even a few wineries…

C 038

C 033

C 037

Cochem is actually the center of the Mosel wine trade which explains the vineyards you see all along the surrounding hills.

C 024

C 047

There are beautiful flowers all around the vineyards.

C 041

C 067

Which you should make time to stop and smell!

C 068

There is also breathtaking castle perched upon a hill in the middle of the city.

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C 144

C 012

The charm of Cochem is undeniable and I loved every minute we were there. Not only is the scenery gorgeous but the people are so friendly and welcoming.

C 031

Plus, they have plenty of wine to go around!

C 072

I promise I am not as drunk as I look in this picture.

Oh, and make sure to follow the rules while you are there…

C 013

And try a Texas Schnitzel…

C 019

I thought my friends in Texas might appreciate that.


Have any of you ever been to Germany? Where did you go?