The Easiest Way to Roast Beets

The first time I found a recipe that included beets, I realized that I had no idea how to prepare them. Thankfully Google provides the answer to virtually every question known to man so eventually I was able to figure things out. Fast forward a few years, I’ve tried cooking them several different ways but this is the method that I find to be the easiest.

Start by preheating the oven to 400 degrees then remove the stems and greens from the beets. Next grab your handy dandy dish gloves and scrub the beets thoroughly under warm water.

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Dry them with a paper towel and place them on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil then drizzle (fo’ shizzle) olive oil on to them and rub them to make sure they are completely coated.

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Lastly, fold the edges of the tinfoil in so that the beets are completely covered.

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Pop them in the oven and cook for about 45 minutes. The larger the beets are, the longer they need to cook, so I usually use a 45 to 60 minute window depending on their size.

Once they are done, let them cool on the counter for a while. Then after they have cooled, leave them in the foil and place them in the refrigerator on a plate or in Tupperware. When you’re ready to eat them, take them out and put your dish gloves back on.

Remove the foil and rub the skins off while holding them over the sink.

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Once the skin is off, rinse the beets and place them on a cutting board. After that I like to scrape the skins out of the sink and eat them.

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Haha…just kidding. Gross! Confused smile

Once they’re all clean and shiny, slice them on the cutting board while still wearing dish gloves. The beets will stain your hands so keep them on the whole time!

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After I slice and dice them, I place them in a bowl with a little bit of salt & pepper and olive oil and microwave them for about a minute. Then they are ready to go as a yummy side!

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Tonight for dinner, I had my beets alongside my favorite store-bought veggie burger. Trust me, I have tried a lot of veggie burgers in my day. These are hands down, the best!


no bull 008

no bull 009

No Bull Burgers are full of whole ingredients, easy to prepare, and taste amazing. And most importantly, the texture is perfect. Mushy burgers are not welcome in my house!

To make them I just heat ’em on the stove top with a tablespoon of olive oil and top with a slice of cheese (I used colby jack here).

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