I have to tell you, doing Travel Tuesdays on the blog is making me realize that I need to do some more traveling. Ha!

So today’s travel destination that I am sharing with you is Luxembourg, a European country that is bordered by Germany, France and Belgium. Although it is relatively small (population of less than 600,000), it is a very wealthy country and, according to The World Bank, has the highest GDP per capita in the world.

C 133

We stopped in Luxembourg City for a few hours to have lunch so I don’t have a bunch of pictures but from what I saw, everything was incredibly clean and there was a ton a great shopping there. However, the Euro was graciously kicking the U.S. dollar’s butt the year we were there (and still is!) so I refrained from making any purchases.

Nonetheless, if you are ever looking to do some great European shopping with a little bit of historical scenery  mixed in, this is the place to go.

C 128

C 129

Our German friend managed to perfectly parallel park the van we had rented so we made sure to take a picture for memories of his expertise.

C 127

All of the homes around the city had a very ancient feel to them and were surrounded by tons of pretty green trees.

C 132

C 130

C 142

Many of the roads were raised above the city so that you are able to get an aerial view as your drove through.

C 131

C 140

C 141

C 139

C 138

C 137

C 136

We only took one picture together while we were and later realized that Brandon’s fly was down when we took it!

C 134 (Touch Up)

Nothing a little cartoon can’t fix.

Well, that is all I have of Luxembourg but even though we were only there for a few hours, I was impressed with how clean and safe it felt and hope to go back some day.


Had you heard of Luxembourg before? Have you done any shopping overseas?