Perfect Fit Protein Smoothie + My Favorite All-Natural Cleaning Products

Well, it’s official. I have disinfected, dusted, scrubbed, swept, and vacuumed every inch of my home. I even washed Coco and Gigi’s dog beds and went through my entire closet and dresser to organize and separate clothes to be donated next week. It only took me oh…11 hours…no biggie.

Anyway, while I was cleaning, I had this crazy thought to myself that you all might actually be interested in seeing the all natural cleaning products that I use. Over time, I have read more and more articles about all of the harmful chemicals in our home cleaning products and, as a result, have tried to replace them with more natural options.

The natural products I like to use the most are just regular ol’ baking soda and distilled vinegar.

stuff 015

I sprinkle one part baking soda to three parts vinegar and use it to clean the showers, sinks, and toilets. I love watching the bubbly foam that forms when combining them and I could totally see little ones being entertained by it too! “Come help Mommy clean!” Winking smile

For premade natural cleaning products, one of my favorite brands is Seventh Generation. I use the disinfecting spray almost every day to clean my kitchen counters and weekly to disinfect toilet seats, door knobs, bathrooms counters and whatever else my inner germaphobe feels like cleaning. I actually really like the smell and the fumes never irritate my eyes or lungs, which is always a plus.

stuff 013

Seventh Generation also makes Natural Dish Liquid and Automatic Dishwasher Gel that I regularly use and they work great too.

stuff 020

Another brand that makes natural cleaning products is Method which you can find at Target. Although I don’t like the scent of their disinfecting kitchen or bathroom cleaners, I think their Wood For Good cleaner works well for cleaning wood furniture and I can also tolerate the smell.

stuff 024

For mopping, I really like Murphy’s Multi Surface Cleaner. I use this on my tile floors and not only do they look nice and shiny afterward, but they also give off a refreshingly clean scent that I love.

stuff 021


While most of my weekend was spent cleaning, I did make time to try the Perfect Fit Protein that I received in the mail last week. I was really excited to try it because it is vegan, organic and sugar free with only 70 calories per serving.


I decided to give their Slimdown Smoothie recipe a try and used spinach instead of kale. I also added about 8 ice cubes and an extra half cup of almond milk so that there would be enough for two smoothies.


stuff 074

I thought they tasted really good but I was able to pick up on the flavor of the Stevia which I’m not a fan of. I have always been very sensitive to alternative sweeteners and could never drink things like Diet Coke.

In between cleaning and smoothie making, I watched a bit of the news and my heart is still aching for the victims of the Boston bombing. It is surreal to hear the stories and see the images of what happened at the finish line.

I hope you all had a fun weekend or at least, avoided having your home flooded. I heard there was a lot of that happening in the Midwest. #whatsnext?