Third Trimester Recap + Favorites

The third trimester has been proof that just when you think your abdomen can’t get any bigger or stretch any farther, it can and it will.

Even though I had spent nearly a decade scanning pregnant women and months dreaming of being pregnant before it finally happened, I never could have imagined how crazy it would feel to have my body go through this transformation. It’s just one of those things you’ll never truly be able to grasp until you experience it first hand.

Now that I’m officially past my due date, I’m also realizing that (outside of proper nutrition, exercise and sleep) I don’t have a lot of control in this process. My baby could care less about timelines or agendas. He will make his appearance on his own time when he’s good and ready, just like his daddy.

Wish me luck! ;)

  1. Thorne Prenatal Vitamin I went to see a Naturopath when we were trying to conceive and she recommended this prenatal because it has the active (or methylated) forms of folate and B12. I don’t love that you have to take it 3x per day but I truly believe it’s played a part in keeping my iron levels stable throughout my pregnancy. If you’re interested in the other supplements I take while pregnant let me know and I can do a full post on it!
  2. Klaire Labs Probiotic I usually try to eat my probiotics but seeing how many of those foods are contraindicated during pregnancy I decided to add a supplement to my routine. I was taking Garden of Life’s prenatal probiotic but switched to this one a few weeks prior to take the Group B strep test because it’s supposed to be one of the best on the market.
  3. Zella Maternity Leggings These are the only leggings I have that still fit me from the second to the third trimester. Every other pair slides down my belly which is so annoying. I love these so much and will definitely hold on to them in case we decide to try for another baby in the future.
  4. Baby Catcher– I’ve become somewhat obsessed with birth stories in the third trimester and this book was such a fun read. It’s more entertaining than informational and not all of the stories are positive so beware of that if you are sensitive. Overall I think it goes to show that birth is unpredictable so it’s best to prepared for any outcome.
  5. Birth Hour Podcast– This is another awesome resource for birth stories. I usually listen to it on my daily walks or while I’m working in the kitchen. I feel like I’ve learned so much listening to the hundreds of different stories over the last couple of months.
  6. Exercise Ball– I bought an exercise ball years ago but it’s definitely come in handy for comfortable sitting in the third trimester. I use it at the dining table every night and occasionally at my desk to help promote good positioning for the baby. I’m sure it will be great for early laboring at home too!
  7. Evidence Based Birth– I actually found out about this site from listening to the Birthful Podcast and it’s such a great resource for discovering the latest research that’s available for many common questions relating to pregnancy and birth. The author also shares her birth story on the Birth Hour and it’s such a great listen!



Weeks 28-31  Everyone keeps telling me I’m all belly and I can see why. It feels HUGE. The nursery is finally coming together. I just need a few more things and then it will feel complete. Not having any specific cravings but now that it’s finally cooling down, it feels so cozy to start the day with a warm bowl of oatmeal. I like to stir in chia seeds and hemp seeds then top it with cranberry chia jam and peanut butter. So good! 

Weeks 31-33 We took maternity photos at 32 weeks and I was worried I would dread it but it turned out to be fun. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! Heartburn is still hanging around however I find it’s better when I pay close attention to how much and how often I’m eating. Our neighbor also threw us a baby shower which was so sweet. Feeling grateful for all of the support we have welcoming our little man!

Weeks 33-35 Feeling tired and very hungry right now. Still no crazy cravings. Just lots of carbs and sweets. Daylight savings started this week and all of a sudden 4pm feels like 8pm. Had to take a few weeks off from my prenatal yoga class at 6pm because it feels too late to go. Still keeping up with my walking though. I tested gingerbread men cookies five times, gingerbread waffles three times and banana bread twice. It’s likely I gained another 5 pounds just working my way through those recipes. Eeesh!

Weeks 35-37 Had testing for Group B Strep at 36 weeks and thankfully it came back negative. My midwife suggested I take probiotics and limit my sugar intake prior to the test. I’ve been taking a probiotic throughout the entire pregnancy but I had to test (and eat) two different pies this week for the blog so I didn’t really avoid sugar. Not sure what helped but glad it’s negative. Also got my iron tested again and it went up from the second trimester (even though it was normal then too). I think that has something to do with all of the leafy greens (and maybe the chocolate pie?) we’ve been eating.

Weeks 37-39 I officially gained 30lbs as of this week and man I am feeling it. Started having to get up at around 4am to pee which I’ve managed to avoid the entire pregnancy. Maybe that means he’s beginning to drop? Still keeping up with walking every day. Started eating dates every day since I’ve heard they can help shorten labor. One can only hope!

Weeks 39-40 My appetite is out of control. I can’t stop baking muffins and cookies. If he doesn’t get here soon, I’m going to eat everything in sight. Started having some Braxton Hicks and mild cramping at 39 weeks and 5 days. Hoping this means he’ll be coming soon. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!