Pomegranate Spritzers

Pomegranate Spritzers made with tonic, pomegranate juice and a splash of lime. They’re an easy and festive drink that’s for the holidays!

Pomegranate Spritzers

I have a fun drink for you today that’s healthy, fizzy and delicious!

Brandon and I aren’t soda drinkers so I like to make these on occasion to jazz things up a bit. I really love adding a little hibiscus tea but for some reason I always forget to make it ahead of time so we usually end-up with a simplified version.

It’s as easy as combining soda water with pomegranate juice and a splash of lime. That’s it!

Pomegranate Spritzers

If you prefer a boozy version, you can add a little vodka or replace the soda water with dry champagne.

Pomegranate Spritzers

Cheers to a happy holiday! ;)

Pomegranate Spritzers

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 4

Serving Size: 16 ounces

Pomegranate Spritzers


32 ounces soda water or 25 ounces dry champagne

32 ounces pure pomegranate juice (no sugar added)

2 limes

12-16 ice cubes

pomegranate seeds and an extra lime for garnish (optional)

16 ounces hibiscus tea, cooled (optional)


  1. Divide ice cubes into 4 separate 16 ounce glasses, pour 6 ounces pomegranate juice in each, then squeeze one half of a lime’s juice on top. If using hibiscus tea, add 4 ounces into each glass.
  2. Finish with 8 ounces soda water or champagne then stir until well-mixed. Top with pomegranate seeds and a lime wedge then serve!


The recipe makes four 16 ounces drinks but feel free to half the amount in each glass if you prefer a smaller serving size.


Pomegranate Spritzers


Do you have a favorite holiday cocktail?