No, I’m not talking about chicken. I’m talking about me.

I wish I had pictures to share from a weekend spent on a beautiful hike or relaxing at a vineyard but alas, it was spent working at my second job.


Doesn’t get sexier than a Saturday night spent in scrubs at the hospital.

Actually, I was on call so I didn’t spend my entire night there, just about 7 hours or so. The hospital that I occasionally pick up extra hours at is strategically located close to the mall and I was forced to make a pit stop at Sephora.


I originally planned on just getting some lash primer and mascara but I got lost in the glowing lights and scent of perfume and left with a few extra items…


Korres totally sucked me in with the pretty Greece-themed packaging of their Magic Light Bronzer.


The color is called Santorini which I’m hoping will teleport me there with Brandon and Coco in-tow as soon as I brush it on.

I was also lucky enough to shove down some left over green garbanzo bean salad in between call backs.


I actually bought this salad premade at Whole Foods and wanted to recreate one but they don’t carry green garbanzo beans at that location. ‘Tis a shame as they are mighty scrumptious.

Between a sick Brandon, another recipe fail Saturday morning, not getting in bed until 3:30am after a late night call back and then working on two more recipes all Sunday morning, I’m feeling a little bit toasty today. And not like, I just enjoyed a glass of bubbly toasty. That’s okay though, you have to work hard to play hard, right?

Thankfully, Brandon and I got a little time to relax together and went to see a movie later in the afternoon.


Melissa McCarthy is officially the funniest woman on the face of the planet.

I picked up an Iced Green Tea Matcha Latte from Peet’s to enjoy with the movie and it was pretty tasty. My iPhone camera refused to focus on it though.


In garden news, I’ve managed not to kill the heirloom tomato plants we bought and I may even have enough to eventually make a recipe with!


Growing your own food is seriously exciting stuff. I’ve decided to make a personal goal to have a real garden next year, with all sorts of fruits and veggies.

Well, that’s about it peeps. I’m keeping it short and sweet today. But I promise there will be a few tasty recipes in the near future and possibly a quick weekend getaway to Tahoe next weekend, assuming all goes as planned.

Have a great Monday!


Have you tried green garbanzo beans before?

Seen any good movies lately?