Friday Favorites

I wish I had some exciting weekend plans to share with you but folks, I have nothing. It’s cool though. There will be time for new adventures soon. For now it’s about hanging with my man and my pup at home and cooking up a storm. That’s enough to keep me happy!

I hope you get to do something this weekend that makes you happy too. Until then, sit back and enjoy some of my recent favorite finds!

Favorite Spot: Rainy Wednesdays in the Nook. Is it okay if I just curl up here with a good book and never leave? K, thanks.



Favorite Fizzy Drink: Blood Orange and Sage Sparkling Soda. These are so pretty that I don’t even want to drink them. Okay just kidding, yes I do. Like right now.



Favorite Burger: Jamaican Jerk Veggie Burgers. Y’all know I’m a sucker for a good veggie burger. The flavors in this one sound UN-BE-lievable. Jamaica me crazy, mon!



Favorite Face: via Tumblr. That moment when your dog leans into your hand and looks at you with those eyes. Ugh. Kiiiilllllsss me.



Favorite Distraction: Blogging Podcasts. Lately I’ve been obsessed with listening to podcasts on my daily commute or when I’m cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Some of them have featured several well known bloggers and I love listening to their interviews.

Here are a few of my current favorites: Pure Green Magazine. The Lively Show. Elise Gets Crafty. Season with Sass.



Favorite Breakfast: Baked Peanut Butter Apple Oatmeal.  Apples and peanut butter are one of my all-time favorite childhood snacks. Combining that in baked oatmeal sounds like pure comfort to me and I’m sure kiddos would love it too!



Favorite Splurge: Coyuchi Bedding. When we moved last summer I decided to invest in some quality organic bedding which also happens to be locally based. Best decision ever. It made my ten year old mattress feel brand new. Now I want all the Coyuchi things!


Favorite Outfit Inspiration: Olivia Palermo. After all of that not spending money talk last week, I caved and bought this jacket. I know. But I consider it to be a staple item that I’ll wear for years to come so it’s more like an investment, right?


Favorite Shower: Calistoga Ranch, Napa Valley. Just thinking of an outdoor shower makes me feel like I’m right back at home on a hot Florida beach. I dream of having our own one day but in the meantime, I might have to make the drive to Napa to try this one. How awesome does it look?!



Favorite Mystery: Austin Swimming Hole. When I first glanced at this picture, I almost thought it was Hamilton Pool where we visited back in 2009. According to the blog I found it on, it’s actually a secret swimming hole that only the locals know about and it makes me want to go back and find it! And visit Austin again because I kind of loved it.



Favorite Bowls: Roasted Root Vegetable Buddha Bowls. Not only does these look absolutely delish but the ingredients are also thought to help reduce stress. It’s a win-win situation, my friends.



Favorite Dessert: Magic Cookie Cake. At first I thought this cake was very, very naughty but it’s surprisingly wholesome and easy to make.



What are your current favorites? Do you have any good podcasts you can share with me?