Conscious Box Review

I started following Conscious Box on Instagram a few months ago and every time I scroll past one of their pictures, I’m impressed with what I see. There’s usually an adorable animal or beautiful natural imagery paired with an important message. The kind of message that makes you stop and think about the bigger picture.

conscious box

When it comes to being ‘green’ or eco-friendly, I don’t claim to be perfect. I occasionally throw away a plastic cheese container because I’m too grossed out to rinse out the mold or light a fire in the fireplace even though my centralized heat is keeping me sufficiently warm.

But when it comes down to it, I am aware of the effects that my choices today will have on future generations. The future of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I want them to be able to enjoy fresh air and drink clean water without having to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals. If that means making a few sacrifices here and there, then so be it.

In the past few years, I’ve made a personal commitment to myself to try and live a greener lifestyle, whether it be recycling when I can, supporting local and organic farming, or limiting my use of chemical-laden products. I’m slowly trying to replace everything I use, from food to cleaning products to even makeup with more natural options but the problem is, as with most products, there is so much to choose from that it can be overwhelming.

conscious box

That’s where Conscious Box comes in. It’s a monthly subscription service that sends you samples of natural products to figure out what you like without committing to the full size product.

It sounded like a great idea to me and I was curious about what’s really inside the box so I asked them to send me one to review. I thought that if the contents were good enough, it might even make a good last minute gift idea. The gift that keeps on giving, right?

conscious box

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the Might Leaf tea packets. I frequently buy their iced green tea so it was exciting to see a few different samples from a brand I already like.

conscious box

Along with the tea were several samples of natural supplements, some for immunity and one for sleep, raw milk cow’s cheese {I’m not quite brave enough to eat that…}, and a large packet full of different Wholesome sweeteners, including things like Stevia and agave nectar.

conscious box

In addition to those was a sample of vegan protein powder, a supplemental drink, lavender mint lotion with SPF and a packet of eye cream.

The REBOOT drink was kind of crazy looking. When you are ready to drink it, you are supposed to squeeze the water into the portion with powder and then shake.

conscious box

The ingredients are mainly extracts of different roots and flowers to help detoxify the body.

So, what did I think of the box?

Well, honestly, this particular one wasn’t well suited for me. Although I usually have a bottle of vitamins on hand, I don’t regularly take supplements. I’m a firm believer in sourcing my nutritional needs from real, whole foods. I only take supplements when my diet has been lacking or when I feel like my immune system is run down, which isn’t too often. I also don’t use sweetener in my tea and I don’t drink coffee so I won’t be using any of the alternative sweeteners.

Of the entire package, the most exciting thing for me was the eye cream.

conscious box

I ran out recently and have been trying to decide on a more natural option to purchase so I’m interested to see how this one works.

Even though this particular box wasn’t a perfect fit for me, I love that the Conscious Box is encouraging a healthier and ‘greener’ way of living. They allow you to choose boxes based on your specific needs, such as vegan or gluten-free and they even offer a Quit Kit for smokers.  I personally wish they would do a natural beauty product version because I think that would interest me more.

The subscription cost $19.95 per month and if you are interested in trying a free box yourself {without a monthly subscription}, you can use the code FREEBIE at checkout and only pay for shipping.

**Although I was sent a free box to review, all opinions are entirely my own.


Do you subscribe to any month boxes?

How do you try to be ‘greener’?