A Sweet Surprise + Concannon Vineyard

Hello and Happy Monday! Did everybody have a good weekend?

Thankfully, mine turned out to be much better than last weekend. Late Friday night, I was delighted by the sight of this handsome face at the front door.

R 077

Being the thoughtful gentleman that he is, he had a surprise in tow from Aachen, Germany where he went for a conference.


He has traveled all over the world for work and always brings back some kind of sweet memento for me.

This time, he brought home a beautiful German hand-painted plate.

pie 067

pie 071

It’s so simple and elegant and I completely adore it. I already used it to shoot a dessert on a Saturday morning and it matched perfectly…he knows me so well. 

Later in the day on Saturday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and went to Concannon Vineyard in Livermore.

Concannon Vineyards (4)

Concannon Vineyards (13)

Concannon Vineyards (25)

Going to the vineyards out here is easily one of my favorite things to do. They’re just so beautiful plus I love drinking them in their fermented, liquid state.

Concannon Vineyards (22)

I even made Brandon take a picture of me hugging them to show my undying affection.


Concannon Vineyards (16)

I’m not obsessed or anything.

Concannon sits on a beautiful piece of land with vineyards and hills in almost every direction you look.

Concannon Vineyards (29)

Concannon Vineyards (31)

Concannon Vineyards (35)

It was founded over 125 years ago when the current vintners great-grandparents migrated from Ireland to pursue their dream of wine making.

The Victorian home that sits right in the middle of the vineyards, the Ellen Rowe Estate House, is named after his great-grandmother who was known as “the entertainer” of Livermore valley. There was actually a Shakespeare-themed play in front of the Estate House that had just ended as we were arriving.

Concannon Vineyards (45)

Concannon Vineyards (34)

In addition to the Estate House, they also have a nice open grassy area surrounded by gazebos and a patch of shady trees for lounging outside with a bottle of wine.

Concannon Vineyards (39)

Concannon Vineyards (32)

We had originally planned on doing a wine tasting but a part in our refrigerator decided to bite the dust so we didn’t make it to the vineyard until after the tasting room closed.

Concannon Vineyards (43)

Concannon Vineyards (46)

Luckily, Concannon also has a really nice wine bar with a patio so we were still able to grab a seat and enjoy a few glasses outside.

Concannon Vineyards (41)

Concannon Vineyards (40)

The wine bar had a nice variety of wines to choose from and I opted for the flight of Interesting Whites.



It’s important to keep things interesting, right?

Right…bottoms up!


After enjoying another flight and a few appetizers we decided to say our goodbyes to the vineyards and head home.

Concannon Vineyards (47)

I really wanted to go see the movie This Is The End but I felt guilty for leaving Coco at home alone for a long time so we decided to rent a movie at home instead. We picked Not Fade Away starring James Gandolfini. Overall, it was pretty good. The message was a little unclear at times but they did a phenomenal job capturing the time period it was set in, the 70’s. Or at least, I think they did seeing how I wasn’t born yet.

James Gandolfini was also hilarious in it and it’s such a shame that he lost his life so soon. Did anyone hear about his death? Such an awful tragedy. His memory will surely live on in through his great acting.

What was the last movie you watched?

What was the highlight of your weekend?