Working Out with fitmob

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

I just wanted to pop-in really quick to tell you about a fun new fitness program and also give you a chance to win an Athleta gift card. Read on for details!



What is fitmob?

  • Launched in January of this year, fitmob is an organization that offers fun and challenging workouts with top trainers in various Bay Area neighborhoods. Their mission is to get the world healthy and fit through the power of community.
  • Workouts range from cardio and strength training to dance and yoga, and classes are offered morning, noon, or evening at both indoor and outdoor locations.
  • There is no contract or enrollment fee and members never pay for inactivity. You pay on a weekly basis and the more you work out, the cheaper it is!

In addition to a wide array of great classes, fitmob also just launched a new feature called MobTribe.


What is a MobTribe?

  • MobTribes are groups of 2-6 people who are matched with top rated certified trainers handpicked by fitmob that meet at a convenient location picked by the tribes.
  • The idea behind MobTribe is to offer shared personal training for a workout that combines the coaching of a trainer with the motivation of a team. It also includes personal attention, nutrition tips, tracking daily activity, and off day workouts or training.
  • The tribe gets together 2X/week and the cost is $34 per session for a six week program including 12 sessions. Bonus: If you invite your friends you only pay $29 per session which is 70% less than most 1:1 personal training.


While I didn’t get a chance to try one of fitmob’s classes (because I was in Switzerland), I really dig the concept behind it. Offering financial incentive to workout more often is brilliant! Plus I’m a big fan of the outdoor group fitness idea. California weather is too pretty to be cooped up in a sweat box! ;)


This post was sponsored by Sverve on behalf of fitmob. All images are courtesy of the fitmob and as always, all opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for support!