Weekend Things

I swear, I just finished typing have a great weekend five minutes ago and it’s already over. My, how time flies.

After all of the madness that resulted from going to the city last weekend, we decided to lay low and watch the Aggie game from the comfort of our home this weekend. I woke up to grey cloudy skies but that was fine by me as it made for a nice, cool run.


I managed to keep a good pace the entire time, even with stopping to get a picture of our neighbor’s front yard décor.



I also stopped to take a picture of some random person’s dog. The poor woman must have thought I was a total nut-job but her dog looked just like a miniature version of Gigi so I had to take a picture to show Brandon.


Her eyes were much lighter but she had the exact same coloring and fluffy coat. I wanted to steal her and pretend she was my baby.

After my run, I managed to crank out a few recipes before kickoff and we enjoyed one of them while watching the game.

A&M game

The beginning was really exciting and then it took a turn for the worst. We were so close to making a come back in the fourth quarter and I almost had a heart attack from the anticipation but in the end, Bama took it from us. I guess if you have to lose, losing to the #1 team isn’t so bad.

Sunday was a productive day in the kitchen and resulted in one of the best things I’ve made to date.


I found some gorgeous honeycrisp apples at the market this weekend and I just had to put them to good use. I’m a little excited to share that one with you…can you tell?

I also picked up a Bluapple <amazon affiliate link> in attempt to preserve my produce a little longer. I’m not sure if it will live up to it’s claim or not but I’ll report back soon to let you know what I find.blu apple

In other news, I was pumped {pun intended} to get a package in the mail on Friday.


I have been wanting to buy the Body Pump DVDs for a long time but was hesitant due to the cost. Then after reading Brittany’s review recently, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to finally order them. I bought the DVDs without the bar (I read bad reviews about the quality of the LesMills bar) so I still need to find a lightweight bar to use but I already did one of the workouts and it’s just like the class at the gym. I can’t wait to start doing them regularly and feel the burn from the Rep Effect again. It hurts so good. {I know, I’m a cheeseball}

Well, I guess I’m keeping it short and sweet today. A weekend at home doesn’t make for good “lifestyle” blogging but I promise I’ve got some good recipes coming your way soon!

Happy Monday!


What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever tried Body Pump?