Weekend Recap: Bloggers in San Francisco

Hey there! Did everybody have a great weekend?

Mine started off with a package from Way Better Snacks that I won from a giveaway on Natalie’s blog.


I’ve tried their black bean chips before and I absolutely loved them so I’m excited to taste the other varieties they sent me as well.


I also did my routine Friday evening shopping and stocked my fridge full of fruits and veggies for the week…




After unloading the goods, Brandon and I took Coco for a walk and then went on a 1-mile run to follow through with our 5k training plan. Things are going great so far and I’m looking forward to adding on some distance next week.

I was able to sleep in a little on Saturday morning before getting ready to drive to San Francisco to meet up with Carly, Katie and Becky for lunch.


I thought I would be smart and use my Best Parking App to find cheap parking close to their hotel and ended-up parking in a really bad neighborhood (which I didn’t realize until after I paid they guy and give him my keys-doh!). It was only two blocks from their hotel which was in an area that was completely fine but for some reason this particular street was awful.

Luckily, a police officer was there arresting someone as I was parking and he called me over (knowing I was out of my element) and directed me towards Market Street where he told me I would be safe. Yep, I pretty much ran the entire way to Market Street.

I was relieved when I made it to their hotel and so happy to meet all three of them for the first time. We chatted for a few minutes about all of the fun they had in Napa and then decided to head towards the Ferry Building to grab some lunch.


There’s a pretty large Farmers Market there every Saturday and things were boomin’, as usual.


We stopped for lunch at The Plant Café which is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco.



We wanted to sit outside but they were really busy so we took first available at a table inside.


I was a bad blogger and didn’t photograph my food but I got the same thing as Becky, The California Plant Burger, and she took pictures of hers so you can always hop on over to her blog or her Instagram if you are curious. It’s the third time I’ve had The Plant Burger there and I love it! I’ve also made it at home several times using Jenna’s recipe.

I really enjoyed getting to know all of the girls better and talking “shop” with them.

Unfortunately, Katie and Becky weren’t feeling so hot and decided to go back to the hotel for a nap but we made sure to take a group picture before saying our goodbyes.


Photo courtesy of Carly

I was sad that they weren’t feeling well but enjoyed the time we spent together. They all seem so nice and I hope to meet up again with them someday.

Even though we lost half of the crew, Carly and I had a great time perusing the shops inside of the Ferry Building for a while.





Of course, there was a ton of great stuff but neither of us bought anything. It was really fun getting to know Carly better, she is such a genuinely sweet person!

As we walked back towards the horrible street my car was parked on, we got to see another escapade involving two police officers this time. Thankfully, no one got shot and we made it out of there unscathed.

I decided to swing by Whole Foods on the way home to pick up dinner and a few things I forgot to get for future blog recipes.


We tried the mushroom polenta lasagna with a side of summer veggie salad and kale salad.


I loved the polenta lasagna and plan to try and recreate it for the blog soon!

After our bellies were full, we relaxed on the couch while watching the movie Admission. I love both Tina Fey and Paul Rudd and thought they were really cute together in the movie. It was a good one!

I spent most of my day today working on recipes so I’m ready to relax for a little while before Monday gets here. Have a good one and I’ll see you soon!


What fruits and veggies are you loving right now?

If you’re a blogger, have you ever met up with other bloggers before?