Healthy Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Hey there! How was everybody’s weekend? Good, I hope!

This weekend was much better than the last for me because I finally found a car and was able to drive it home Friday night.

To celebrate the new wheels, Brandon and I went to a nearby wine bar, Swirl on the Square, for a bite to eat.

I had a White Blend from California and Brandon had his favorite, Cabernet.


For food, we ordered a Trio Hummus Plate with warm Naan (mmmm…..warm Naan is the best).


And Polenta Mushroom Lasagna.


Everything was really good and it was a nice way to celebrate being done with finding a car!

My sinuses have been going crazy lately so I made sure to start my Saturday morning with a juice to get a good dose of Vitamin C.


Getting a juicer is going to have to be put on hold for a while but these are a nice occasional alternative until I can get one. Gigi assumed her position under my chair while I ate breakfast.


Because I didn’t get to do my usual grocery shopping on Friday night, we went to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning before heading to the grocery store to stock up.



One of my favorite stands has a choose 3 for $6 deal and I got two heads of organic cauliflower and a bunch of green onions. They were all out of kale otherwise I would have snagged some up as well.


After unpacking the groceries and having lunch, I got to work on making a recipe for homemade pizza that I saw on Lindsay’s blog, Pinch of Yum. I started by making the whole wheat pizza dough which was pretty easy and took me all of 15 minutes to prep.



I set the dough aside to rise while I prepared the Creamy Cauliflower Sauce. Then I rolled out the dough into two separate crusts, topped with the sauce and layered chopped spinach, sliced Quorn Chicken Cutlets, shredded mozzarella and white cheddar cheese. We ate one for dinner Saturday night and had the other for lunch today and they were deeeeelicious.

White Bean, Kale and Sweet Potato Burgers 069

White Bean, Kale and Sweet Potato Burgers 084

Along with our pizza, we had Pomegranate Hibiscus Spritzers and fresh fruit.

White Bean, Kale and Sweet Potato Burgers 115

White Bean, Kale and Sweet Potato Burgers 123

It was a very satisfying lunch. I highly recommend giving Lindsay’s recipe a try, it was so good!

The weather was gorgeous today so I opened up the windows to enjoy some fresh air.


And potted a few new plants for my kitchen window.

flowers 005

flowers 011

We took the dogs out to enjoy some sunshine for a while. Gigi was all smiles when I told her we were going for a walk.


It’s almost impossible to get them to sit still (completely impossible for Coco) for a picture when they’re excited so please excuse the blurry photo.


Although most of the flowering trees are starting to shed their petals, there are a few still left in bloom.



I love all of the pretty trees and flowers here and am grateful for the gorgeous weather we had this weekend. Hopefully it keeps up!

After being out of my workout routine for WAY too long, I am hoping to get back on track this week. I really need to commit to myself no matter what comes my way.

Have a good Monday!


How was your weekend? What are your tips for getting back on track?