Vineyard Hunting + Lunch at Slow in Berkeley

I’m sure some of you are wondering what the heck vineyard hunting means.

Right after Brandon proposed, I knew I wanted to get engagement photos taken here in California. I have been rushing to organize things over the past few weeks so that we could have them done in October since it’s one of the best months for weather and scenery in this area.


So we spent a little bit of time this weekend ‘hunting’ for a perfect spot in the vineyards to have our pictures taken and we found a few great options that had a Tuscany-like feel to them.






I am beyond excited mixed with a side of nervous.

We’ve never had professional pictures taken so I’m worried about everything that could possibly go wrong…like my eyes being closed in I’m sure it will work out fine though.

Most of the vineyards are dog friendly so we took Coco with us while we were looking around.


It worked out good because she was able to keep Brandon occupied so I didn’t have to worry about him…

Bran and Coco

On a separate and food related note, I didn’t get a chance to mention this last weekend because of the big news, but we had lunch at an awesome little café in Berkeley last Saturday named Slow.


I know it doesn’t look like much from the front but they have a beautiful rose garden in the back for you to sit and enjoy your meal.

Slow 2


slow 3

I had the heirloom tomato caprese sandwich on a fresh croissant:

Heirloom caprese

That croissant…I die. It was unbelievable.

Brandon had the roasted portobello sandwich with heirloom tomato and gruyere cheese which was also delicious.

Mushroom sandwich

I was really impressed with the food and the scenery and highly recommend it if you are ever in Berkeley.

Alright gang, I’m off to make dinner and call it a night before work tomorrow. I hope you had a good weekend!


Do you get nervous before professional photos?