Vegan for a Week + A Giveaway

Vegan for a Week

Last month my friends over at Amazing Grass contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in participating in their 5-Day V-Tox Challenge to encourage moving towards a plant-based diet and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Considering that I already eat plant-based meals 75% of the time, it didn’t seem like going 100% would be too big of a stretch for me and honestly, I’ve always been curious to see how eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet would make me feel.

As a part of the challenge, Amazing Grass sends out a daily newsletter that includes workouts, plant-based recipes, veg-ducational articles, ambassador spotlights and v-tox challenges. To kick things off they sent me a variety pack including their awesomely delicious Amazing Meal, one of each of the Immunity and Energy blend, and their new Alkalize & Detox formula.

Amazing Grass V-tox Challenge

In addition, they also offered to give one of my readers a variety pack so that you can participate in the challenge as well. But before we get to that, I want to share my experience and show you what eating a plant-based diet for a week looked like for me. I wasn’t able to photograph every single thing I ate (most were repeats) but I did take note of everything.

Like every other weekend, I spent a good deal of time cooking and prepping for foods for the week, including black rice pudding, lentil soup, farro risotto, veggie burgers, and granola bars. By Sunday my refrigerator was packed full of prepared meals, salad and random produce.


I’m a firm believe that no matter what kind of diet or philosophy you follow, preparing food ahead of time is always a great way to stay on track with healthy eating.  :)


Day One

Morning Snack: Alkalize & Detox blend mixed with Kale, Banana and Orange Juice + a piece of a Puffed Amaranth Granola Bar

Late Breakfast: Black Rice Pudding + sliced banana + hemp seeds + almond butter

Vegan for a Week

Late Lunch: Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers on Dave’s Whole Grain Thin Slice Bread + 1/2 bottle Gingerberry Kombucha + a large handful of Luke’s Superfood Chips (I’m addicted to these chips!)


Late Dinner: Mixed Green Salad + Lemon Hummus + Field Roast’s Vegan Chao Cheese + multi-grain crackers <cheese plate shared with Bran

Vegan for a week


Day Two

Breakfast: One Degree Sprouted Honey O’s with sliced banana and defrosted frozen wild blueberries + 1/2 Chocolate Amazing Meal Smoothie (mixed with unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana and dates)


Lunch: Buffalo Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos with Vegan Blue Cheese + 1/2 Trilogy Kombucha


Dinner: Orange, Avocado and Arugula Salad + Moroccan Lentil Soup


Dessert: way too many pieces of vegan + gluten-free brownies that I’m recipe testing | forgot to take a picture :)

Day Three

Breakfast: Leftover Black Rice Pudding + banana + hemp seeds + almond butter

Lunch: Leftover Moroccan Lentil Soup + handful of Luke’s Superfood Chips + honeycrisp apple

Snack: Puffed Amaranth Granola Bar + Tangerine Immunity Defense (mixed with water)


Dinner: Mixed Green Salad + 2 small slices Frozen Daiya Supreme Pizza <shared with Bran


Dessert: a much smaller piece of brownie than the night before


Day Four

Breakfast: Cereal + defrosted blueberries + unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Lunch: Lemon Tahini Farro Risotto (recipe coming soon!) + lemon hummus + whole grain crackers + unsweetened green iced tea + honeycrisp apple


Snack: Lemon Chia Almond Granola Bar (another recipe coming soon!) + Watermelon Energy Drink (mixed with water)


Dinner: Defrosted Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers on Dave’s thin slice bread + roasted purple sweet potato + hemp seeds + roasted broccoli


Dessert: one last piece of brownie


Day Five

Breakfast: Tahini Date Smoothie with Vanilla Chai Amazing Grass + Morning Glory Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies (more recipe testing!)


Lunch: Curry Tiger Burrito (obsessed with these burritos) + handful of Luke’s Superfood Chips + honeycrisp apple

Dinner: Defrosted Mediterranean Chickpea Burger on Dave’s Thin Slice Bread + green peas + roasted and seasoned red potatoes


 Dessert: piece of dark chocolate + almond milk



So how did I feel after eating vegan for a week? Not drastically different except I did notice some additional bloating and cramping. I usually eat organic Greek yogurt every morning and I think not having the daily probiotics made it harder to digest all of the high fiber foods in my diet. But other than that, I felt about the same.

Did I eat more processed food (faux meat/cheese) as a result? No. I usually have frozen burritos, chips and a frozen pizza on hand so that was the same. The only addition was Field Roast’s vegan cheese which I don’t normally buy but I was pleasantly surprised with it. It’s actually really good! The pizza from Daiya however was not good…at all. Lesson learned: make homemade vegan pizza.

Did I miss dairy and eggs? Yes. As a matter of fact, the first thing I did on day 6 was make scrambled eggs topped with sriracha. I know. But I ate them with vegan sausage and cheese…does that count? ;) I’m sure some of it had to with the idea of elimination that made me want it even more but I also kind of felt like my body was craving a low-carb form of protein.

Am I becoming a full vegan? While I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who are able to give up animal products 100% of the time, it just isn’t the right fit for my body at this time in my life. I feel healthier when I have the occasional small amount of eggs. However I will continue to do my best to source my eggs from certified humane, local and pasture based farms whenever possible.

With all of that said, I still thoroughly enjoyed the additional health benefits of supplementing my smoothies with Amazing Grass and I was especially blown away by how good the vanilla chai tasted in the tahini date smoothie. You guys have to try that smoothie!

If you would like to sign up for the challenge, you can click here to enter you email for their daily newsletter. Even if you decide you don’t want to participate, you can still enter the giveaway for a chance to give their Amazing Meal a try. It’s honestly a really great product. To enter just leave a comment telling me your thoughts on eating plant-based foods for an entire week. I’ll notify the winner one week from today!


P.S. I’m linking up with What I Ate Wednesday today. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!