Weekend in Wimberley, Texas

When we lived in College Station we made sure to take a few weekend trips to the “Hill Country”. One of the towns we chose to visit was Wimberley which is about 45 minutes southwest of Austin. It’s a quiet area that’s off the beaten path and it’s perfect for a relaxing and low-key getaway.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 043

We ended-up staying at Cypress Creek Cottages which are not only pet-friendly but also super cute. They even had little Texas shaped stepping stones leading to the front door.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 044

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 045

A few other amenities included a hot tub and a faux fireplace for Coco to curl up next to.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 012

One of the main reasons I chose to go to Wimberley was because I was in major need of some hydrating relief from the hot Texas summer.

I discovered a natural swimming hole in Dripping Springs which was about a 20 minute drive from the cottage we were staying at. On the way we stopped at a little bakery for breakfast called Rolling in Thyme & Dough.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 115

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 117

Outside of the bakery is a beautiful little nursery with all sorts of unique items and plants to purchase for your own garden. We were living in a shoebox one bedroom apartment at the time so I didn’t buy anything but I definitely would have if we had a house. They also had delicious and fresh croissants which I would love to go back for.

After a good breakfast, we headed out towards the swimming hole with our lunch packed in a cooler. We parked the car (there is a $10 entrance fee to the park) and hiked about a mile along Pederanales River to find Hamilton Pool.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 020

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 027

We went on a Saturday and the small beach was already full by the time we got there. Next time, I would probably try to go during a weekday so that we could have a little more leg room on the beach. Regardless the view was absolutely gorgeous and the water was cold and refreshing!

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 023

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 025

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 019

After swimming for a while and enjoying our lunch, we hiked back and headed toward some nearby lavender fields. Unfortunately there was a drought that year so there weren’t very many lavender flowers in bloom but we still had fun searching for a few sprigs. :)

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 032

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 035

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 037

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 036

They also have a little store where you can buy a few handmade lavender products.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 042

We picked-up a few soaps and body sprays and headed back for showers and dinner at a restaurant called Trattoria Lisina.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 046

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 053

The restaurant is located right next to a winery and offers a great view of the surrounding vineyards.

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 054

At the time we were there, the vineyard was named Mandola Estate Winery as the restaurant and the vineyard were originally owned by the Mandola brothers who also own Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Brandon and I thought this was special since we met when we were waiting tables at Carrabba’s while we were both in college. However, the winery is now named Duchman Family Winery.

Either way, it was a great place to relax and enjoy a bottle of wine!

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 056

Wimberley, Texas (July 2010) 057



Where is your favorite weekend getaway?