Paris II

Another “must do” while you are in Paris is exploring all of the famous and historical art in the many different museums they have there. A great and affordable way to do this is by purchasing the Paris Museum Pass. We purchased ours ahead of time at the airport which is also where you can exchange  your currency for euro.

The first one we went to while we there is probably the one the city is most well known for, The Louvre.

Paris 157Paris 158

The Louvre is so enormous it would probably take at least a week to cover the entire thing. I am not a big art buff and neither is Brandon so we only stopped by a few of the more popular things to see while we were there.

Paris 159

Yep, we look like tourists.

The large pyramid-shaped window in the front serves as the main entrance and exit.

Paris 199

Paris 201

Once you are inside, you can see intricate artistic expanding all the way to the ceilings.

Paris 162

Paris 170

The walls are filled with classical art that has been collected from all over the world.

Paris 163

Including the well-known Mona Lisa.

Paris 164

It is strikingly small in person and is roped off so that you can only get within about 5 feet of it.

They also had a section on Egyptian Antiquities which Brandon was very interested in since he is dying to visit Egypt. He took a ton of pictures here but don’t worry, I narrowed it down to a few. ;)

Paris 173

Paris 172

Paris 179

The best part is that when you are finished you can relax across the street at one of the bistros and enjoy a glass of refreshing white wine.

Lunch after Musee Louvre

Another notable museum worth seeing while in Paris is Musée d’ Orsay.

Paris 214

Paris 215

This museum is not quite as large as the Louvre but it still houses some incredible art.

Paris 223

Paris 228

There is a large collection of sculptures here which I personally love to look at.

Paris 225

This one in particular blew me away. (Excuse the ta-tas)

Paris 234

I couldn’t get over the dress and the veil that were made from marble. How amazing is the detail in the draping? (Listen to me, I sound like a judge on Project Runway…)

Paris 235

It was beautiful.

They also had a few paintings from the one and only, Vincent van Gough.

Paris 239

Brandon tried to imitate him by posing but was facing the wrong way. Laughing out loud

I forgot to tell him to look the other way. Whoops…

Paris 240

They also had the original Starry Night which was painted in 1888. It’s still in pretty good shape for its age!

Paris 243

Paris 244

Time is of the essence since there is so much to see and do.

Paris 253

On to the next museum!

Musée Pompidou is where you can find some of the modern art in Paris and was named after a former French president.

On the outside, it kind of looked like a hamster cage to me.

Paris 094

We were there in the summer of 2009, not too long after President Obama was elected, and we saw a good deal of Obama supporters including this artist in front of Pompidou.

Paris 100

The week we were in Paris was also when Michael Jackson had passed away so his music was playing all over the city. It was amazing to see how widespread the love was for him. I’ll never forget people dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower to his music on the day he died.

Paris 096

I don’t have any pictures of the art inside Pompidou because photography was prohibited but I can tell you there was some seriously disturbing art in this museum. Some of it was pretty cool, but most of it just left me with a weird feeling.

To get back in a romantic mood, let’s go to my favorite museum of them all, Musée Rodin. This was the final museum we went to but it was, in my opinion, the best. I personally love sculptures and Rodin created some of the most enchanting pieces I have ever seen.

Most of the art is kept inside a house that was once Rodin’s home which he had later donated to the city.

Paris 289

Inside, there are many of his lovely sculptures to see.

Paris 279

Paris 285

Paris 280

And outside is a gorgeous garden full of even more of his famous work.

Paris 278

Paris 294

Paris 295

Paris 286

Including the well-known “Thinking Man”.

Paris 275

Paris 277

The garden here is so pretty and peaceful, it is definitely worth the stop while you are in Paris!


Do you like art and if so, what is your favorite kind?