Galway, Ireland

Holy moly, I’m tired. Can you tell? I just said holy moly for Pete’s sake. By the way, who exactly is Pete?

My four mile run this evening actually felt like a relief after the day I had. Work was extremely busy and then I had to deal with sitting on hold with my cable company for a total of three hours before finally getting the problem solved. My blood pressure was through the roof. Gah.

Sorry, I’m whining again. You guys are just such good listeners, I can’t help it. Thankfully, I had a Travel Tuesday post already put together because I don’t know where I would have found the time otherwise. Food lovers, I’m sorry to disappoint but I promise the goods will be back soon.

So the pictures I’m sharing today are from Galway, the city Brandon stayed in during his time in Ireland. It was overcast most of the time he was there but it didn’t rain at all which is supposedly pretty rare. In fact, there were a few days where it was actually sunny. {cue angels singing}

Have a Guinness when You're Tired

   {Have a Guinness when you’re tired…don’t mind if I do}

Galway (6-2010) 024

Galway (6-2010) 032



{Galway Cathedral}

Galway (6-2010) 030



Galway (6-2010) 078

Galway (6-2010) 075

Galway (6-2010) 082

Roads Leading to Cliffs of Moehr

Castle Near the Coast (Atlantic) (1)

Castle Near the Coast (Atlantic) (3)

{Can you see the animals?}

Galway (6-2010) 013

National University of Ireland (NUI)

Galway (6-2010) 014

Galway (6-2010) 015

Galway (6-2010) 018

Ireland looks so green and pretty, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s all I have from his time there but I hope to get to go myself one day so that I can take pictures of all of the food.

Happy Tuesday to ya lads! (I forgot the Irish slang for girls)


What’s your favorite Irish meal?