Things I’m Loving Lately: Wine and Easy Meals

I have been trying to limit myself to posting four days a week so that I can bank a few recipes for when life gets really busy but I decided to throw together a little randomness so that I could chat with y’all for one more day. I think I might have a little addiction to blogging. It’s not just me, right? Hello?

Okay, here are some things I’m loving right now:


#1 Wine

I like to mix up the wine rotation pretty frequently and this week I’ve been enjoying a bottle of Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc. I found it on sale for about $15 and I think it is well worth the price. It’s dry, crisp and has just the right touch of citrus to please the palate. Napa is so close, I can taste it!


 #2 Watermelon

Good Lord, watermelon is the shiesse. Especially when it’s nice and cold. It makes me want to be outside in the warm summer heat so I have a reason to cool off by shoving it in my pie hole. Plus, it’s loaded with this stuff called citrulline that can help lower your blood pressure. Win, win situation. {fyi- don’t Google schiesse- it’s a german curse word that will bring up some pretty gross images}


#3 Garbage reality television

I’m ashamed of this one but it’s true, I’m guilty. I should clarify that I rarely have time to actually watch TV but while Brandon was out of town recently, I took it upon myself to change the channel from ESPN and catch up on some trash, aka Real Housewives of the OC. Please tell me someone else watches this and saw the Mexican strippers? I’m all for having a good time but that was just gross!! I would have been like “here’s your dollar bill, now please get the bleep out”.


#4 Chez Marie Veggie Burgers

I try to eat fresh and home cooked food as much as possible but let’s be real, I am not dragging my happy butt to the grocery store or Farmer’s Market more than once a week. Usually by Thursday, we’ve devoured most of the fresh produce and I need a good frozen option to turn to. Enter…Chez Marie.


No Bull Burgers still take the cake but I really like these and found both the ingredient and nutrition label to be very pleasing. I do believe I will purchase them again.


 #5 One Pan Pasta

Speaking of easy meals, I made this simple pasta dish earlier this week and it turned out really good! I used whole wheat spaghetti instead of linguine and paired it with a salad.


 #6 Trader Joe’s Marcona Almonds

Tthere’s never a dull moment at TJ’s is there? These almonds are seriously good. Roasted and salted with fresh rosemary? Oh jeez.


#7  Improving my running skills

I have never been a “real” runner. I like to do short distances with intervals to get in some cardio but the thought of running a marathon makes me want to gauge my eyes out. {Major kudos to anyone who has ran or is planning to run a marathon!} Lately, I’ve been drawing inspiration from fellow bloggers who I see challenging themselves to become better runners and it’s making me want to improve myself.

I have been trying to run 3 miles a few times a week in hopes to gradually improve my pace so that I can sign up for a 5K and possibly a 10K. I’m also trying to get Brandon to join in so we can run a race together. He definitely needs more cardio and less sitting at a desk and reading research papers in his life.


#8 Rachel Roy Feed Bag

My laptop bag broke a few months ago and I needed a large tote that I could fit it and the rest of my stuff in so I bought this bag from Rachel Roy. Not only is it cute but every bag sold provides 100 school meals to children in India. #fashionwithacause


#9 Kiehls Amino Acid Shampoo

This shampoo smells incredible and is made with coconut oil to mildly cleanse hair while still leaving it shiny. Love.


And a little random funny for the day:



I hope you all have an awesome weekend!


What are you loving lately?

Any tips to help improve my pace?