Things I’m Loving Lately: Natural Beauty Product Edition…and Food

Confession: I’m a beauty product junkie.

Do you remember way back in the day when they used to let you travel with an unlimited amount of liquid on airplanes? I would fill my entire carry-on with full-size beauty products, even if it was only a three or four day trip, because I couldn’t survive that long without having multiple conditioners, hair masks, shampoos, lotions, perfume, etc. This is probably why I enjoy watching garbage reality television like the Real Housewives so much; I’m easily reminded that there are women out there who are actually much worse than me.

In the recent past, I have tried to look for more natural options since I keep hearing about the harmful chemicals in beauty products and their potential side effects. The toxic chemicals swirl their way down the drains of our bathtubs and sinks, end up in the soil we use to grow our food and eventually find their way back into our drinking water. Ultimately, choosing what I put on my body is really just as important as what I choose to put in it. Not to mention that most natural products are also cruelty free which helps protect our precious animals.


So I decided a few months ago that once my old products run out, I’m going to make it a point to replace them with natural options. I’m also trying to buy less than I used to and I think I’m doing better {just don’t ask Brandon his opinion} but it’s a work in progress.

1. Alba Botanica Acne Dote Face & Body Scrub– This is my favorite skincare product right now. After I stopped taking hormonal birth control last year, my skin started to go haywire. I’ve never dealt with acne before so I was little freaked out but I’ve noticed a significant improvement since I started using this scrub. I use it every night before bed and my skin feels soft and perfectly clean after.


2. Yes To Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Towlettes– Now that I have to deal with acne, I try my best to prevent breakouts by removing my makeup before I exercise. Waking up early to workout would be the best solution but mornings just aren’t my thing. After I get home from work and change into my sweatin’ clothes, I swipe one of these bad boys across my face and I’m ready to roll…err, run.



3. Abba Detox Shampoo– I actually found out about this shampoo after reading a post from Cara’s blog regarding long hair. Like I said, I’m a beauty junkie and I’ve always had longer hair that I use deep conditioners on in attempt to keep it healthy. Over time, my ends would get a little crispy from what I attributed to damage but apparently build-up from deep conditioners can actually cause your hair to become dry and brittle as well. Cara recommends using a clarifying shampoo {like Abba’s} once a week to prevent build-up and so far my crispies have stayed away.


4. Giovanni Avocado & Olive Oil Conditioner– super moisturizing, doesn’t weight your hair down, plus it’s good for you and the environment. Enough said.


5. Korres Volcanic Mineral Mascara– I have been an avid Diorshow fan for years but unfortunately, their formula is far from natural. I’ve tried a few natural mascaras and so far, this one takes the cake. The brush is big and fluffy like Diorshow and the formula does a great job thickening and volumizing lashes. Best of all, it doesn’t flake all over the place.


6. Dark Chocolate, Almond & Coconut Hemp Seed Granola- I couldn’t do an entire post without mentioning food nor could I wait another day to talk about this granola. This is by far, the best granola I have ever had. I have been stuffing my face with it every morning and I cannot wait to share the recipe with you next week!


7. Easy Red Bean & Quinoa Chili– this recipe is from Barre 3 and I’ve made it several times over the past couple of months. It’s easy enough to make on a busy weeknight, full of healthy ingredients, and tastes amazing. #winning


Okay, my OCD is freaking out over stopping at #7 but I’m going to end it there before I bore the bajeesus out of y’all.

I hope you all have plans to enjoy the beautiful fall weather this weekend! We are going to an heirloom tomato festival on Saturday that I am beyond excited for. Mainly because it involves lots of wine.


What are your favorite natural products?


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