Pumping It Up + Robertson Park

It’s amazing what an extra hour can do for your day, isn’t it?

We actually forgot to change the clocks this morning and I had plans to go renew my gym membership so that I could take a Body Pump class. Unfortunately for me and my gas tank, I ended-up driving there an hour before the class actually started. #timechangefail

However, I was determined to pump some iron this morning so I went home and made a batch of Vegan Lentil Barley Stew for lunches during the week while I waited for the hour to pass.


Getting back into group fitness felt really good and I was hoping the instructor would teach one of the newer releases, but she failed to read my telepathic signals and did an older one. I stuck to light weights {being that it’s been a few months since I’ve done any regular weight training} and man, I’ve got some catching up to do! I was trembling by the end and I used barely half of the weight I used to. Sheesh.

After I did some more food prep for the week and ate lunch, Brandon and I took Coco to Robertson Park, where my 10k race was a few weeks ago.

Coco at park

It’s funny to see how much she lights up outdoors; she’s definitely an outside dog.

We followed the same trail as the race which starts by leading out of the park and behind a neighborhood.

robertson park

Along the way we saw a pomegranate tree in someone’s backyard:

pomegranate tree

Pretty cool, huh? I’m obviously amused by the little things.

Then the trail eventually cuts across a bridge and opens up to the beautiful vineyards.

robertson park

The bridge actually bounces when you run over it and I remember it feeling so weird with a herd of people running across during the race.

Coco at park

I also remember the view of the vineyards and the hills giving me chills as I ran.

When I saw them I had a moment, reminiscing how far Brandon and I have come, all the way from Florida to Texas and now California. Sometimes it all still feels very surreal to me.

vineyard robertson park

As the trail continues, it is wide open and eventually reaches it’s own set of hills but we decided to turn around before that point as 6.2 miles is a little too far for Coco’s ten year-old joints.


vineyard robertson park

On the way back, we noticed the scent of licorice and realized that we were surrounded by fennel trees.


There was a cool little buggah on it too.

bug on fennel

Not exactly my favorite seed but still neat to see.

Anyway, it made for a nice Sunday afternoon and I also wanted to share the fantastic views from my race with you all. It certainly made the 10k more enjoyable!


Did you remember to set back your clock?

What did you do with the extra hour?