Our Wedding: Post Ceremony Portraits

I wasn’t originally planning on putting together so many posts about the wedding but I can’t help it, there are just too many pictures to share! I blame my photographer for doing such a great job.

So last we left off, it was right after the ceremony and Brandon and I took a minute to ourselves before walking behind the venue with the photographer as the sun started to set.


I remember feeling a sense of freedom as we stood there together. After all of the stress leading up to the day, it was so nice to finally be in that moment, as husband and wife.



Brandon Sarah Wedding



We also got a lot of great pictures with our family and friends before the reception:

Brandon with his dad…

Bran Pop

Me with my mom and my grandmother…


Brandon with his mom and his brother…


Both of us with my brother’s adorable family…


Next (and last) up is the reception…


All photos are courtesy of Dustin Prickett at Sunglow Photography