Hiking Del Valle Regional Park

Okay, this post technically shouldn’t be titled “hiking” because it was more like a stroll but we’ll just pretend it was actually a hike, k?

We have been doing our best to get Coco out of the house as much as possible to keep her from feeling lonely so we decided to take her with us to Del Valle Regional Park over the weekend.

Hiking Del Valle (18)

The park is huge and is based around a big lake where you can partake in various water activities.

Hiking Del Valle (21)

Hiking Del Valle (22)

The park was really busy with people barbecuing and swimming everywhere. It was certainly a perfect day to cool off in the lake with the 90+ degree heat we had here.

There was also lots of people boating, kayaking, and even paddle boarding.

Hiking Del Valle (41)

Hiking Del Valle (39)

Hiking Del Valle (25)

Hiking Del Valle (45)

We decided to take Coco down the “dog run” trail which runs right along side the water.

Hiking Del Valle (12)

Hiking Del Valle (17)

Hiking Del Valle (23)

The views of the hills surrounding the lake made for nice scenery along the hike.

Hiking Del Valle (20)

After a while, Coco started to look pretty tired from the heat so we decided to find a shady spot beneath the trees to rest for a bit.

Hiking Del Valle (31)

Hiking Del Valle (36)

She enjoyed watching the action on the lake.

Hiking Del Valle (30)

We also saw lots of other dogs swimming in the lake but Coco is not a fan of water (in any form) so she didn’t join in.

She was more interested in the really big dogs at the park…

Hiking Del Valle (1)

After about a mile and a half of walking, she started to look pretty exhausted so we called it quits and headed towards the AC.

Hiking Del Valle (49)

We gave her a nice bath at home to help cool her off, even though she’s not a fan of those either.

Del Valle definitely wasn’t the prettiest place we’ve been in California, but overall, it’s a really nice park and we hope to make it back there sometime to do some more exploring. We’ll probably wait to bring Coco back until the weather cools off some though.

So far, she seems to be handling everything okay but we have noticed a few behavior changes which has made coping even harder for us. I am starting to consider adopting another dog so she’ll have a friend again but I question if it is the best decision. I wouldn’t know whether to get a puppy or an older dog and I also worry about how she would adjust to a new personality. Her and Gigi were like Yin and Yang and I doubt we could find her such a perfect match again. Honestly, neither of us wants another dog right now but we want Coco to be happy so we’ll see.

In other news, Brandon was at work late so I took in another trashy episode of the Bachelorette. I liked the guy that did Bikram yoga! He seemed really nice, she should have kept him.

Does anyone else think Ben is cheesy? I mean, the way he went about kissing her for the first time? Please, honey-child.

Do you have a favorite match for Desiree yet?

Would you get another dog if your dog lost their companion?