Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn {Book Review}

I had a long internal debate with myself whether or not I should share a recipe with you guys today but because it wasn’t very festive, considering the spooky holiday and all, I opted for a spooky book review instead. Except I wouldn’t really consider this a spooky book. By the way, how many more times do you think I can say the word spooky in this post? ;)

Although this book has been popular for quite some time, I’m usually not into dark plots so I never took the time to bother seeing what the fuss was about. Then one of my best girl friends sent me a copy to take with me on my trip to Europe so I thought, why not?

Well I ended-up loving it! So much, in fact, that I made Brandon go see the movie with me afterwards. I couldn’t help but write my review with spoilers so if you’re interested in reading the book then I wouldn’t scroll past the brief summary. But I will say that, although I thought the movie was good, the book was much better! You should definitely read it first.

Gone Girl by Jillian Flynn

Brief Summary

Set in North Carthage Missouri, Gone Girl tells the story of writer Nick Dunne and his beautiful wife, Amy. It all begins on their fifth wedding anniversary when Nick comes home to discover that Amy is suddenly missing.

As the mysterious investigation begins, Nick’s oddly aloof and evasive behavior causes everyone to question if he had something to do with it. Although he maintains his innocence, his wife’s diary might give them reason to think otherwise.

My Review {With Spoilers!}

I wasn’t expecting to get into the whole “whodunit” plot at first but let me tell you, it sucked me right in! It’s definitely one of those books that you could sit down and read in one or two days.

In the beginning I thought that the author was trying to trick us into believing that it was Nick who killed Amy when it actually wasn’t so for some crazy reason, I started to think it was his dad. Clearly, I had no clue what was coming in the second part!

By that point, I already hated Nick for having a mistress so when I found out that Amy was the one who staged her own murder, I was in complete shock but I also thought to myself, “welp, that’s what he gets for being a cheater!”. The ultimate revenge, mwuahaha!

But then as the story went on, I started to realize that Amy is actually just a psychopath and I found myself not liking either her or Nick.

I had a few people warn me that I would be angry with the ending but I didn’t feel like that. I thought it was a little unrealistic, seeing how there wouldn’t be any of Desi’s DNA to prove that he abducted Amy from their home. But I also wondered if the author was possibly leaving the end open for a sequel. Maybe Nick will get his revenge in the next novel? Or maybe they will live happily ever after in their psychotic relationship?

One of the main takeaways for me was realizing how influential the media can be during investigations. It’s amazing how they can portray something in a certain light and get everybody behind them, believing that’s what really happened. I thought this was a good reminder not to judge without knowing what’s going on behind the scenes.

Overall I found it to be an extremely smart and entertaining read.



Have you read Gone Girl?

If so, what did you think of the ending?