Friday Feature: Nutrition Nut on the Run

Hey there, happy Friday!

I know I don’t usually post on Fridays but when Hillary from Nutrition Nut on the Run contacted me with the awesome idea to interview one another as a part of her Friday Feature, I couldn’t pass up on the fun!


Hillary is a fellow Northern Californian blogger with a B.S. in Food & Nutrition Communication from California Sate University, Chico.


Her beautiful blog is full of delicious and healthy recipes, body rocking workouts and heart-felt inspiration.

She is also an amazingly accomplished runner with PR’s I could only dream of.


One thing I really relate to Hillary on is her food philosophy. She doesn’t believe in dieting or restrictions and has what I view as a perfectly healthy relationship with food. I especially love this quote from her blog: “Eating healthy is a pleasure for me, not a chore”.

She is so positive and inspiring so if you’re looking for a great new read, head on over and check out her blog!


1. What was the first blog you ever read and why were you inspired to start your own?

The summer of 2009 – when I first started reading food blogs – seems like a long time ago, so I can’t put my finger on the exact blog. Eat Live Run was certainly one of the first — the one I claimed in my first blog post to inspire me to start my own, and one that I still continue to read to this day.

2. What do you try to do on a daily basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I feel “off” if I don’t begin my day with a healthy, homemade breakfast.


This is definitely a priority even when traveling. Of course, I feel physical activity is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, so I aim to move (in one way or another) every day.

Happiness is a huge piece of health in my world, so indulging in simple pleasures – yes, daily – is something I believe in. Maybe it’s a piece of dark chocolate or an afternoon iced coffee, but those little things really make a difference in my attitude, happiness, and overall feeling of “health”.

3. What recipe are you most proud of on your blog? Which one do you find yourself making most frequently?

This question first got me thinking about the recipes that I’m not so proud of posting — the ones you consider removing from your recipe repertoire. Then I think about some of the successful blogs that I read (like the aforementioned ELR and How Sweet It Is), and remember that everyone starts somewhere. So, the recipe flops in the archives are here to stay. That said, I do use my recipe page to repeat some tried and true tasty recipes:

Light Lemon Zucchini Pasta


 Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies


 Summery Salmon with Apricot Peach Salsa


4. What are your favorite beauty tips?

Sometimes I wish I was more of a beauty buff… but, other times, I enjoy my careless lion’s mane and fearless freckles. I don’t have a slew of beauty tips up my sleeve, but I’ve recently been using coconut oil as a deep conditioner for my locks and as eye make-up remover (melted, with a Q-tip). I honestly probably take better care of my running shoes than my skin; I have been caught using nail polish remover to “polish” my shoes ;)

5. Can you offer any advice to girls who struggle with insecurities on body image?

Certainly! This is something I’ve struggled with for many years, and still do to this day (who doesn’t!?). My advice would be to write a letter to your body. We all have flaws, and – don’t hold your breath – they are here to stay. Rather than fighting them your entire life, I’d advise girls to try to accept them… perhaps even appreciate them. No one is perfect, so we shouldn’t try to put ourselves through the painful processing of reaching that impossible measure.

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You can also check out Nutrition Nut on the Run today to read my responses to Hillary’s questions!

Have a great weekend!

What would some of your answers be?