Friday Favorites + A Life Update


Happy Friday, friends! I hope all of you had a wonderful week!

I’m currently feeling a mixture of both excitement and anxiety because today was my last day at my full-time job. I’ve worked full-time since I graduated college, over seven years ago, so it feels a little scary to be letting it go but ultimately I know it’s the right decision for me.

Keeping up with a forty hour work week on top of a second job and blogging for the past two years has been utterly exhausting and I’m well overdue for a change. So, I’ve decided to accept a new position that’s less than fifteen minutes from home (hallelujah!) and only three days per week. Of course, I’ll still be picking up hours at my second job but the idea is that I’ll have the extra two days per week to focus on the blog and maybe even one day on the weekend to relax. If I can even remember what that feels like!

Brandon and I are heading out to dinner tonight to celebrate but other than that, I’ll be laying low and preparing for my first week at my new job.  Like I said, there’s a lot of nervous excitement!

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend and that your schedule allows you a little time to relax. Until then, here’s a collection of my favorite recent finds!


Favorite Frozen Dessert: 5-Minute Frozen Blueberry Yogurt. I can see myself cooling off with a bowl of this on a hot summer day. It’s healthy, refreshing and it only takes five minutes to make. Plus that color…swoon.



Favorite Snack: Homemade Coconut Chocolate Chip Lara Bars. My favorite flavor combo + you only need five ingredients to make them. Yes and YES!



Favorite Soup: Chilled Avocado Soup. I finally got my hands on Luise and David’s second book and it is every bit as stunning as their blog. I have their halloumi veggie burgers and the chilled avocado soup on the meal plan this week!



Favorite Getaway: Dubrovnik Croatia. I told you guys I can’t stop dreaming about the Mediterranean! Croatia is one place that I’m dying to visit. It looks incredible!



Favorite Fashion: Denim Dress with Blazer.  This dress looks so comfy and I love the way it contrasts with the yellow blazer and the adorable bag. WANT!



Favorite Makeup: Argan Hydrating Lipstick. I don’t usually wear lipstick but I decided to give this one a try in the nude pink color (happy honey) and it looks really subtle and natural. I love how moisturizing it is too!



Favorite Natural Skincare: Rose Hip Oil. After hearing such good things about rose hip oil I decided to give it a try and I’ve been using it as a serum before bed for about a month now. It gives my skin an instant glow and it’s supposed to help prevent and reduce fine lines over time so we’ll see how that works out!

Rose Hip Oil_


Favorite Workout: The Scientific High Intensity 7-Minute Workout. This is a great option for those days when you can’t fit in a full workout but still want to feel like you did something. Because c’mon, who doesn’t have 7 minutes? It works the entire body and it flies by super fast!


Favorite Music: Mumford & Sons Wilder Mind. I bought this as soon as it came out and I’ve been listening to it non-stop ever since. It’s completely different from their last one but I actually like it better!



Favorite Show: True Detective. We just discovered this show last week and are almost through the entire season already. It’s much darker than what I usually go for but Matthew McConaughey does an unbelievable job. It is SO addicting and I can’t wait for season 2!



Favorite Comfort Food: Cashew Alfredo Pasta with Broccoli. Who needs dairy when you’ve got cashews? Seriously. This looks so creamy and comforting!



Favorite Burger: Sweet Potato Black Bean Veggie Burgers. My love for veggie burger knows no bounds and these are next on my to-make list!



Favorite Salad: Zesty Fruit Salad with Coconut Milk and Basil. I want to face plant into a bowl of this! The combo of creamy coconut milk with mixed fruit, lime and basil sounds ah-mazing.



Favorite Dinner: Garlicky Swiss Chard with Sun Dried Tomatoes & Chickpeas. I couldn’t find a bigger picture for this recipe but don’t let that fool you. I’ve made it several times and it’s incredibly easy, healthy and full of flavor. In fact, we just had it last night for dinner and it reminded me that I needed to share it with you!



Favorite Doughnut: Buttermilk Spelt Baked Doughnuts. Because all good things end with chocolate. :)