Crissy Field, Golden Gate National Park

Well, hello there. How are y’all doing on this fine morning/afternoon/evening?

My weekend was nonstop and flew by incredibly fast…except for Sunday. I picked up an extra day of work and every minute crawled by as I was taunted by the sunny skies outside. But that’s okay because I had a great day on Saturday.

After knocking out a 4-mile run in the morning, I came home to shower and shoot a recipe before getting ready to leave for an afternoon in San Francisco.

Every year the Texas A&M student alumni that live in the Bay Area gather for a summer BBQ to kick-off the coming football season. This time last year we were just moving to California so this was our first year going and we had a fun time.

We lucked out with puuurrrfect weather and a mostly clear view of the Golden Gate.

Crissy Field 087

Crissy Field 089

It was also our first time at Crissy Field and it was absolutely gorgeous. Although there were quite a few groups of people cooking out and having picnics (like that adorable family next to us), it actually wasn’t overly crowded.

There were even two separate wedding parties there and it was cute to see them take pictures together.

Crissy Field 057

It wasn’t hard to see why they chose this place; it’s very picturesque. Of course, this resulted in me walking around and taking an unnecessary amount of pictures myself.

Crissy Field 103

Crissy Field 073

Crissy Field 071

Crissy Field 105

Crissy Field 083

The scenery was awesome but the best part was that we got to bring Coco with us too. However, she wasn’t in the mood to pose for a family portrait.

Crissy Field 023

She wanted the camera all to herself.

Crissy Field 030

Side note: her bandana is supposed to go the other way but it wouldn’t stay so it was more like an A&M bib. Oh well.

Another alumni also brought his two whippets (I thought they were Italian greyhounds at first) and they were remarkably well behaved.


So cute.

The hosts of the barbeque made Tofurky sausages for the vegetarians so we chowed down on one (no picture, although I’m not sure you really want to see one) and hung out for a few hours before heading home.


Gig ’em!

After sitting in traffic in Little Italy for what felt like forever, we made it home in time to get ready for dinner at a friends house and they were sweet enough to let us bring Coco along as well.

We had the most delicious vegetarian lasagna made with Greek yogurt (my kind of recipe) and although I failed to take pictures (#awkward), I have requested the recipe to share on the blog soon!

Well, I apologize for the lack of food photos in this post but after working all day and coming home to meal prep for the upcoming week, I am pooped. Labor day weekend cannot get here fast enough!

Are you excited for College Football season?

Had you ever heard of whippets?