Confessions IV

Sarah Brandon-035

1. Even though I meet the average height requirement, I could never be a model. Exhibit A: the picture above. Why am I slouching and lifting my butt like that? It would have been such a pretty picture if I wasn’t ruining it with my horrible posture and a butt lift.

2. I sent out my wedding invitations and then decided I wanted to change what time the ceremony starts. After discussing things in more detail, we decided that we’re not going to do a first look which moves the original plans around. Whoops.


3. Apparently I’ve been applying mascara the wrong way. I watched this video which teaches you the “right way” and it really does make a huge difference! It requires a little extra effort to remove clumps but the end result is worth it.

4. Things have been more food centered on the blog lately because I’ve been so busy with work and wedding planning that I haven’t had much time for, you know, an actual life. But somehow I always manage to find time for food.

I’ve made a few recipes from other blogs recently that were incredibly delicious and worthy of sharing:


Thai Burgers


5. Remember my goals for 2014?  I haven’t bought or made any desserts {except for energy balls and another ball recipe that’s coming your way soon} and I even stopped drinking wine during the week.

Almond Joy Energy Balls {vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free}

Okay, that’s not true. I had one teeensie little glass while watching The Bachelor. They just go so well together, I can’t help it.

Speaking of The Bachelor, I’m ridiculously excited for Sean and Catherine’s wedding this Sunday! I’m generally obsessed with that show but I can’t wait to see all of the details now that my brain is constantly saturated with all things wedding.

6. The new Body Pump release is awesome but the I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to make it through the lunge track. My legs are screaming for mercy by the end. Why can’t they put that track in the beginning, when I don’t feel like I’m about to pass out?!


7. We rented the movie Don Jon last weekend and while it’s a lot little inappropriate at times, I really liked the message behind it. Just don’t watch it with your parents. Or grandparents. Or anyone you would feel uncomfortable watching multiple pornography scenes with.

8. I’ve made zero progress with unplugging before bed. I bought this book last month to help me wind down and even though it’s written well, I put it down after reading two chapters and never picked it back up.


9. I failed to mention an awesome giveaway taking place at Kelly’s blog, Hidden Fruits and Veggies, yesterday. It marked the one year anniversary of her blog and the fourteenth anniversary of her giving up eating meat so she’s celebrating with a huge giveaway of her favorite things, Oprah style. Be sure to swing by her blog for a chance to win some awesome goodies!

10. I’ve been wanting to join the party over at Amanda’s beautiful blog for some time now but week after week, I kept forgetting to participate. Well, I’m finally doing it. It’s such a fun way to discover new blogs so be sure to stop by and see who’s thinking out loud today!



Do you have any favorites from The Bachelor yet?

Any helpful tips for unplugging at night?