Engagement Photos

Sarah Brandon-011-L

We finally got our engagement photos back from our photographer, Anita Martin!

We decided to have them taken at Wente Vineyards and were lucky enough to have perfect weather for the occasion.

Sarah Brandon-021-XL

Of course we had to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy during the shoot! We forgot the corkscrew though so Brandon had to run all the way back to the car {almost a half mile!} to get it. Then after he came back and caught his breath, he started struggling to get the wine open and was doing this funny straddle because his slacks were so tight.

Sarah Brandon-016-L

It made for a good laugh!

We also brought some sentimental things with us including a few pictures of my grandparents.

Sarah Brandon-012-L

They were married for fifty-three years and the day we had the pictures done was actually the fifth anniversary of my grandfather’s passing. We look up to them in so many ways: as husband and wife, parents, and grandparents; they have held our entire family together over the years.

It’s our goal to have a lasting and successful marriage like theirs.

Sarah Brandon

After taking pictures at Wente, we drove to Concannon for the second set. The sun was just starting to set behind the hills which made for a beautiful glow in the background. I just love that golden light!

Sarah Brandon-032-XLrsz_brandon_&_sarah__-_

Sarah Brandon-042-XL

Sarah Brandon-047-XL

Sarah Brandon-051-XL

Sarah Brandon-058-XL

I plan on printing out a few to put around the house and was thinking of getting one blown up to hang over our mantle as well. That way we can stare at ourselves every day. What do you think?

That’s sarcasm, by the way. On a separate but related note, if you’re looking for a good hair and makeup tutorial for photo shoots, I found Maskcara’s post to be so helpful. I followed her hair tutorial and loved the way the waves came out. If you have longer hair then I highly recommend giving it a try!

As far as wedding planning goes, we already found a venue and set a date so next on the list is finding a dress. I have an idea of exactly what I want, I just have to find it…at the right price, eeesh.

Alright, I’m wrapping it up now. I hope your weekend is full of fun and relaxing moments!