A Day in the Life: WIAW Style

I always enjoy reading “a day in the life” posts so I thought it would be fun to mix things up and show you what my normal routine and day of eats looks like. Of course it varies from week to week depending on what I’ve made recently for the blog but my day-to-day usually always revolves around food! :)

Oh, and this is actually a recap of what I ate on Monday. If it were later in the week, you would probably see a lot more frozen food in the mix. Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we?

6:30 am

Alarm goes off, I hit snooze and lay there half-awake, postponing the inevitable. Ten minutes pass before I convince myself to get up and splash some water on my face and get dressed. I put on just enough makeup to look presentable, stop to say good morning to Coco and then head downstairs for breakfast.

7:00 am

I’m not a coffee drinker so I pour myself a tall glass of water and then try to take a quick selfie before Brandon comes downstairs and catches me.


While Bran takes Coco out for her morning walk, I pack my lunch and then stand over the sink so that I can shove a pumpkin muffin in my face. Mmm mmm good.


7:20 am

After feeding Coco and saying goodbye to Brandon, I hop in the car and begin my morning battle with traffic. Luckily today’s not bad and I make it to work on time.

8:00 am

I unload my stuff and get ready for my first patient of the day. Sometimes I have back-to-back appointments that keep me really busy and other times it can be a little more spaced out, it just depends on the day.  Today happens to be a little slower so I have time between patients to catch up on the hundreds of unnecessary emails I get every day. I think to myself that I should really look into one of those unsubscribing programs, or whatever, but instead I just end-up deleting them.

10:30 am

My stomach starts talking to me so I take a ten minute break to eat my current favorite yogurt. I only mix in half of the fruit to spare myself the extra sugar and the end result is plenty sweet enough to please my taste buds. Then I place the container in the recycling bin and get back to work!

Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt

12:30 pm

Lunch time! I get an hour for lunch so I sit down at my desk and eat leftover soup au pistou (that’s soup with pesto, my basil plant has been out of control lately!) while working on blog related stuff. I wash it down with homemade unsweetened green iced tea and a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread.

Soup au Pistou

2:30 pm

After about an hour of working, I grab a mid-day snack. I typically eat fresh fruit at least once a day and today I have red grapes.


3:30 pm

I get a craving for something sweet so I eat a piece a dark chocolate and then refill my reusable water bottle that I bring with me everyday. It’s 24 ounces and I try to refill it at least twice to help me meet my daily requirement.


5:00 pm

FREE AT LAST! I drive home and pray that traffic doesn’t destroy the rest of my day.


My commute was a success. I rush inside and squeal Coco’s name in the highest pitch possible so that she comes running to me at full force. We go outside and check the mail while uses the potty then it’s back inside to unpack and grab a snack.

A banana with peanut butter hits the spot and Coco does her part cleaning the dishes to help save water for the drought.


As I go through the mail, I open a package for me from Gap. I had some Gap Cash that I needed to spend and they lured me in with a cute plaid scarf for fall. It turns out to be made with a soft flannel material that I really like so I deem it a keeper.

Gap Plaid Scarf

6:00 pm

Time to start dinner! I usually exercise right after work and then eat but I’m recipe testing for the blog tonight so I decide to start cooking first. A few minutes after I start my mom calls so I put her on speaker phone and we chat while I chop and sauté veggies.

7:00 pm

I hang up with my mom and then say hi to Brandon who got home 15 minutes ago. We talk for a few minutes while I put the finishing touches on dinner and then he waits patiently while I take pictures.

Spaghetti Squash Recipe

7:30 pm

We sit down to eat and thankfully the recipe turns out to be a hit! You can definitely expect to see this one on the blog soon…

Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Side note: I also snuck a few Beanitos white bean chips with dinner but forgot to take a picture. I love those chips!

8:00 pm

We do a rough clean up of the kitchen and then take Coco for a walk. There’s a cool breeze out so she’s extra energetic which makes me so happy to see.

8:30 pm

We bring Coco home and then I convince Brandon to ride his bike with me while I go for a quick run. It’s dark and scary and I’m too big of a wuss to go by myself.

We talk a little and then for the last mile he silently listens to me huff and puff. I can’t seem to get my pace down to 9 minutes no matter how hard I try but I tell myself to stick with it and hopefully, it will start to get easier.

Garmin 210

9:00 pm

I stretch and roll around with Coco on the floor before taking a shower. Afterward I let my hair air dry and go downstairs to grab a cookie with some unsweetened almond milk. I take a quick picture and then eat a second one before going back upstairs.


10:00 pm

I’m too lazy to blow dry my hair so I brush my teeth and get in bed. I haven’t started a new book yet so instead of reading, I read blogs and peruse the internet while random garbage reality TV plays in the background.

10:30 pm

Brandon comes into the room and rolls his eyes. He grunts a few insults at the people on TV and then gets in the shower.

11:00 pm

Lights out! I try to think of what to make next for the blog and eventually nod off into dreamland before starting all over again.



And that’s it! As you can see I’m a very snacky eater. Do you eat a lot of snacks or do you stick to three meals?

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