A Day in the Life: Taylor from Greens n Chocolate

It’s time for another edition of a day in the life series! Today I’m featuring Taylor from greens & chocolate who, similar to myself, works full-time in healthcare in addition to running her food blog. Except, unlike myself,  she never misses a post. How she does it I’ll never know!

In addition to timely posting, her blog balances healthy recipes with just enough enticing dessert to keep you coming back for more.  If you’re new to her blog I recommending checking it out for some delicious inspiration!


Heyo Making Thyme for Health-ers! I’m Taylor and I blog over at greens & chocolate. Like Sarah, I love cooking healthy and also enjoy a little indulgence once in awhile. Okay, maybe every day ;)

While Sarah is in recovery mode from her European adventure, I’m stepping in today to show you what a typical day of my eats looks like. I decided to show you what my Tuesday looks like because that is my day “off” from my “real job” as a physical therapist. I work four 10 hour days as a PT, and Tuesdays are my day to work on my blog. Along with every other breathing second that I’m not working. At least it feels that way.

ANYWAYS. Back to my Tuesday.


I wake up to meet a friend for a spinning class every Tuesday, and since I want to relish every minute of sleep that I can, I don’t eat or drink anything before going. At spin I drink a full bottle of water, then I rush home for 10 cups of this:



The coffee kicks in I’m more than ready for breakfast. During the warmer months (which is about 2.8 months of the year here in Minnesota) I’ll make a smoothie or overnight oats for breakfast, and during the cooler months I go for banana oats made on the stovetop. Howeverrrr lately I’ve been obsessed with this bread from a bakery close to my house and just so happened to stop and grab a loaf on my way home from spinning. So today breakfast is two pieces of toasted bread, with a little bit of butter and a fried egg on one, and peanut butter and banana on the other. Super satisfying.

photo (1)


After breakfast and reading some blogs, checking emails, and checking in on social media stuff, I get straight to work on cooking lunch. Well, not to actually eat lunch but y’know, to cook and photograph it. #lifeofafoodblogger.

I whipped up this Butternut Squash and Black Bean Quinoa bowl with Vegan Chipotle Sauce and it was definitely a keeper. This is what it looked like in the pictures.



This is what it looked like when I actually ate it.


Once again, #lifeofafoodblogger.


The rest of the afternoon was spent meeting with a potential client, yoga with another blogger, and then racing home for dinner.


Time to make dinner! While cooking I sipped on a Kombucha that I picked up on my way home from yoga. Some people think Kombucha tastes weird but I happen to luuuuuurve it. Since it’s so pricey, I treat myself to one just a couple times a week. The Guava Goddess was a new flavor that I tried and while I liked it, my two favorites are Gingerberry and Gingerade.


Since my husband was working (he’s an emergency room physicial) dinner was quick and easy – frozen vegetable fried rice from Trader Joe’s with some frozen sweet corn and chopped up kale sautéed all up in a skillet. Then at the very end I threw a whisked egg and scrambled it all into the fried rice. Topped with some Sriracha and voila! Dinner in 10ish minutes.



To finish off the night I made a cup of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Herbal Tea and I treated myself to a few handfuls of my favorite fall treat – candy corn, peanuts, and M&M’s. Does anyone else do this?! It’s dangerously addictive.



This grandma is headed to bed! My husband always makes fun of me for going to bed so early but some days I wake up as early as 4:30 to sneak in a run before heading to work. Usually I poke around on my iPad for 15 minutes or so or catch up on the latest Scandal before dozing off.


I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into a typical day for Taylor! If you’re interested in learning about other new bloggers and their typical eats, head on over to What I Ate Wednesday for more.