A Day in the Life: Ashley from Cookie Monster Cooking

I’m excited to share a look at a day in the life of Ashley from Cookie Monster Cooking with you today! Ashley has knack for making everything look pretty and her voice comes across in an organic way that makes you feel like you’re right there with her, chatting over a cup of coffee. Her site features plenty of great vegetarian recipes, including this incredible sandwich (which I’ve made and LOVED) and this butternut squash skillet pasta that I’ve been drooling over since the first time I laid my eyes on it.

If that’s not enough reason to love her blog, she also frequently shares pictures of her adorable beagle, Emma, who I not-so-secretly want to steal. She’s just so dang cute!

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Ashley’s and I’m confident that once you start following along, you will be too!


Well hi there! I’m Ashley from Cookie Monster Cooking and I am so excited to be guest posting for Sarah while she’s off on one awesome sounding trip.

I’ve always loved reading day in the life type posts from other bloggers, so I jumped at the chance to do one myself. And if we’re being honest, I’m a pretty snoopy person and love this stuff, so I figured it was time to share on my end as well.

So here’s a typical day for me, including all my eats (and is actually what I ate on Monday). It varies a bit day by day but you’ll get the gist! Let’s do this!

5:45 am

My alarm goes off. I stumble downstairs, trying not to trip over my beagle in the process. I turn on the coffee maker and pour myself a big glass of water to chug. Then it’s time to feed the hungry little beagle who practically sprints out of bed each morning to eat.

Day_in_the_life_thumb.jpg5:55 am

Coffee is ready! I grab my favorite mug, a blanket and head to my desk.

I start doing some blog related stuff. Check and respond to emails, post and respond to comments from overnight, etc. etc. If a blog post went up that morning, I do some social media stuff. Then I start working on editing photos, writing up posts, basically anything that I can do sitting at the computer.


Day_in_the_life2_thumb.jpg7:30 am

I realize my stomach is growling like crazy. I grab a leftover granola bar from a recipe I’m working on and another big glass of water, then head back to the computer for more of the same type of blog stuff.

8:15 am

Workout time. We don’t have a gym membership, so I usually either do an online Barre3 workout or go for a run and then lift some weights in our garage (is that weird?). Today I have no desire to run so barre it is!

Shower, get dressed, clean up a few things, all that good stuff.


Day_in_the_life3_thumb.jpg10 am

I grab an apple with some vanilla almond butter and head back to the computer. I have another (i.e. not my blog) part-time job – the hours vary by season, so this part of the day kinda depends on the time of the year. I feel extremely lucky that this position is also work-from-home, so I no longer have to deal with commuting. So so thankful.

Work work work.


Day_in_the_life4_thumb.jpg12:30 pm

I take a quick break to head to the kitchen to heat up my lunch. Per usual, it’s dinner leftovers from last night – white bean quinoa chili for a recipe that I was testing for the blog. Topped with some cheddar cheese and avocado. Yum!

I head back to my desk with my bowl of soup and keep on working! I usually take a few minutes to check blog emails, comments, that sort of thing.


3:00 pm

I finish up everything for my other job and then make myself some tea – my current obsession is this chai pumpkin spice flavor. I’ve gone through two boxes already. I also grab a leftover cinnamon pumpkin muffin from some other blog recipe testing. I’ll spend a few minutes playing with the beagle and then it’s back to blog-related work.

Sometimes I’ll make dinner early or another recipe and grab photos. Other days it’s just more work at the computer. Today is one of those days.


5:00 pm

I head into the kitchen to get dinner ready. Which tonight happens to be some of Sarah’s lentil burgers that I thawed out from my freezer, sweet potato tots and a side salad. And nope – I didn’t plan that – I didn’t even realize it until I went to take a picture!

The husband and I sit down to eat. Usually in front of the TV. We say we’ll start sitting at the table, yet that pretty much always fails to happen. We just started watching 30 Rock on Netflix – so another episode it is!


7:00 pm

We clean up the kitchen and then head out for our nightly walk with Emma! She is more than ready to head outside for some fun. Tonight we run into a few neighbors – including Emma’s favorite doggie friend Brody. She howls in his face a bit (which in her mind is how you play) and then we head home.


8:30 pm

I decide I need something sweet. I grumble because there are no cookies in the house. So instead I pour a glass of milk and swirl in some honey cinnamon simple syrup that I am currently superrrr obsessed with. Emma tries to get some of said milk. She’s a hungry little thing.

I plop down on the couch, Emma wedges her way up there with me, and the husband watches football while I leave some comments on my favorite blogs.

10:00 pm

Bed time! I head upstairs to brush my teeth, wash my face and then curl up under the covers. Today I flip between the Food Network and HGTV since football was the main event downstairs. And then it’s sleep!



I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into Ashley’s day-to-day as much I as I did! If you’re interested in learning about new bloggers and their typical eats, head on over to What I Ate Wednesday for more.