A Day in Half Moon Bay


This was our first time venturing to this part of the Bay Area and we both loved it. I was worried that it would be foggy and cold but the sun was shining and it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

After an hour of driving from the East Bay, the first thing we did was head to Half Moon Bay State Beach to get a look at the Pacific Ocean.


Beaches on the west coast are so much different than the east. They’re pretty to look at and all but I can barely take my sweater off, better yet get in the water. It’s way too cold.

By the way, did you spot the little furry head in the picture above? Half Moon Bay is known for being dog-friendly so we brought Coco along with us for the day.


One cool thing that we saw at the campgrounds on beach was a Blue Whale skull that was found entangled in a fishing net in 1988. The sign next to it said that Blue Whales are the largest of all living animals. Um yeah, it would have swallowed Coco up in one gulp!


We walked along the nearby coastal trail for a bit and then decided to grab a bite to eat at Moonside Bakery and Café.


The sandwiches were good but the cookies were AMAZING. Trail mix on the left and pumpkin on the right. You can bet I’ll be working on recreating those babies soon!

Moonside Bakery and Cafe


After lunch, we walked around the quaint downtown area and one of the shops we stopped at was an adorable garden store called Garden Apothecary. They welcomed us inside with Coco and I wanted to buy all the things. Instead I settled for a few potted herbs and a linen towel. :)

Garden Apothecary Half Moon Bay

Garden Apothecary Half Moon Bay

We stopped in another store for compost that they recommended and then drove about twenties minutes north for a steep hike overlooking Gray Whale Cove Beach. The views from here were absolutely breathtaking and reminded us somewhat of the drier parts of Maui.

McNee Ranch State Park

McNee Ranch State Park

McNee Ranch State Park

McNee Ranch State Park

If you peer off the side of the cliff, you are directly above the street. One wrong step towards the water and it would have been lights out!

From there we made our way down to the beach with Coco who was in desperate need of some rest. Technically dogs aren’t allowed on the beach but we spotted about ten other people with dogs so we figured it was okay. Besides, all she did was get hit by a wave and then plop down in the sand!


Gray-Whale-Cove-Beach-Half Moon Bay


Half Moon Bay Marina

Our last stop before heading home was near the marina at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. We grabbed a seat on their dog-friendly patio and I ordered a beer flight which Brandon said made me seem like I’m afraid of commitment. After a nine year relationship without a ring on my finger, I’d say that’s clearly not the case. ;)

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company

Herb Garden

Back at home we planted the new herbs in our patio garden along with the compost. I bought the basil plant earlier in the summer but we planted kale, swiss chard and romaine lettuce seeds about a month ago and are already starting to see some sprouts!

Herb Garden

Growing your own food is exciting stuff. I can’t wait to have a yard and hopefully a real garden one day but for now, our patio garden will suffice.

I’m already contemplating a trip back to Half Moon Bay for their pumpkin festival next month. It’s supposed to be one of the largest in the world which means there will probably be a lot of traffic. I haven’t decided if it’s worth it yet, we’ll see.

And to end on a random note, a picture of Coco getting a bath:


She’s not a fan.


Tell me what you did for Labor Day!